Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I believe Icarus was not falling as he fell, but just coming to the end of his triumph.

Every French village has one of 'those' families that collect things. Ours can be found beyond the crossroads where the road starts to hairpin down into the valley. A father, two ( possibly three ) women, a gaggle of children and a grandmother who wears a red,yellow and black beanie hat and huge Sophia Lauren style sunglasses. There can be no doubting this is one of 'those' families because the fields around their house are slowly filling up with old cars. Last week there were forty two of them. This week a forty third, a red 1972 Volkswagen Golf GTI, has arrived. As we pass on our morning walk 'father' waves at us. Despite, or perhaps because of, the early hour he is is the garden wearing Y-fronts, wellington boots and a beret. In Britain the cars would be cleared away by the couincil. Here they are left to gently 'appreciate' in value. One of those little cultural differences.

Outside the convenience store three black hens slowly amble along searching for grubs. Before we leave they are joined by four brown hens. The PON duo stand in the back of the car and squeak with excitement.

It stops raining. An interlude before the next wet front comes barreling in from the Atlantic tomorrow. Bob and Sophie dig, chase squirrels, help 'the font' make Bolognaise sauce, and rug surf. They are also groomed . It has to be said that within two minutes of them being lifted down from the grooming table they need grooming again.


  1. Do Golf GTi's really go back to 1972? I so much associate them with London yuppies in the 1980s!
    Bob is looking handsomely windswept in photo no. 2 today. Admiring the cars perhaps.
    Cheers, Gail

    1. My mistake should have been 75 not 72.

    2. Earlier than I would have guessed. (Now feeling bad about being pedantic...)

  2. Bet the PONs would love to be let go in 'that' yard.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. A regular "Sanford and Son" family....I guess they're what are now referred to as hoarders.
    I can see you standing from afar and counting the old vehicles.....forty three and more to come I'm sure.
    Adorable photos of the angels today.

  4. Ah, "those" families make village life so interesting!

  5. maybe you could invent ... for i doubt you'll find any...
    four pairs of little puppy wellington boots.
    you know. just for the sloppy morning walks. otherwise they're such clean little pons.
    oh. well.
    except for the frequent mud on the nose of he who shall not be named. xo

  6. We think a version of one of "those
    families" live in every community.