Friday, January 31, 2014

A single dog hair can split the wind.

The builders are back at work on the German billionaires new garage. It was supposed to have been finished by Christmas but has suffered unexpected 'delays' . '' No point in pouring concrete in the rain " explains the foreman as we wander past on our morning tour of the village. Bob christens the cement mixer and Sophie glares at a truck delivering steel beams.Good to know we are not the only people who suffer from French timekeeping.

The PON's spend another day gardening. They bark at the post mistress, two delivery men, the school bus ( coming and going) and a group of rather glum looking Spanish pilgrims. Bob has noticed that 'the font' is absent and spends much of his afternoon sitting on the front doorstep, waiting. Sophie's hair is getting too long. After her post-lunch nap she wakes up with it plastered down - a decidedly 'squiffy' PON look.  All in all a quiet day in France Profonde. In the evening the Old Farmers Christmas Star still beams happily away. A reminder that despite the newspaper headlines all is well with the world.


  1. The wind in your area must be split in all directions.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Impressive teeth Bob !
    Impressive fur Sophie !

  3. The third photo of Bob on the doorstep can easily be titled "Waiting for you."

  4. Ahh well at least the Font's absence goes so e way towards towards explaining the jaws photo!

  5. Bacon and Sausage Time????
    Have a great day Susannae, Daisy, Kiri and Dandy-lion

  6. The photo of Bob waiting for the "font" is adorable.

  7. Lovely white teeth, Bob! Keeping the neighborhood on their toes. Good dogs.

  8. we should all look so beautifully squiffy after a nap!
    how i love these puppies.
    and yes.
    good to know I GUESS that even if you're a billionaire you still are at the mercy of the ridiculous workmanship in the france profonde.

  9. Bob waiting for the font's return, very touching. He's becoming a real family fellow, isn't he.
    The Christmas star. We can hope for Candlemas.