Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes, everything is simple. It's people who complicate things.

Perpetual motion. If only we could figure out what gives the little angels their energy we could market it and make a fortune. The PON vitamin supplement. They start the day at high speed and continue like that ( with the occasional break for food and naps ) until they finally turn in for the night.

To the uninitiated their mad, full throttle, romps around the garden look harebrained. In fact their comic tumblings are as carefully choreographed as a piece of Kabuki theatre. Amid the storm and fury Sophie's sharp little teeth never ever come into contact with anything other than Bob's outer coat. When he gets too boisterous she simply grabs hold of his tail and refuses to let go.This is guaranteed to bring him into line.

The waitress at the cafe under the arcades gives them their illicit half croissant. She asks why their noses are so muddy. '' They must have been digging " I reply in a tone of voice that tries to imply that this is an unusual occurrence. This morning Bob has dried mud on top of his head and in his eyebrows. Sophie is nursing a piece of old floor tile in her mouth. She left the house with it and has been guarding it ever since. Later today I'll try and track down where it came from.

Perhaps they'll slow down a bit during the course of the year ?


  1. Well Bertie is now nearly four, and still full of energy but definitely past the really manic youthful stage. I'd say say you'll be living with the frenetic activity for a while yet. Can you remember how it was with Wilf and Digby?
    Cheers! Gail

  2. Sophies face in that last picture. The this girls seen it all look ?

  3. We think the mayhem and mud might be with you for awhile.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. I could use some of those PON viatmins as soon as they hit the market.
    Even with the dried mud in their hair and muddy noses, there is no way the waitress could ever resist those eyes.....the eyes have it.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I would bet on Year 3. Lucky you have that nice
    big garden and a pleasant climate so they can
    be out of doors so often.

  6. Merlin will be 8 this year. No discernible signs of slowing thus far.

  7. I'll cross my fingers for you but don't bank on it !!

  8. i think pups start to mature about 5 years of age….!! :)

  9. I'll take a bottle of those PON Pep vitamins.
    One moment they're playing wildly, big smiles on their faces and then, in
    the next photo, they're giving us that
    soulful " we never have any fun"
    look. Quite amazing.

  10. They will slow down in the course of the next three years, maybe. Adorable.

  11. this BLOG is my vitamin for the day! i carry the laughter and the visuals with me from the moment i reluctantly click off of it.
    love those puppies!!! xo

  12. Slow down?
    Wouldn't bet on it anytime soon.
    Mine have been chasing each other through the garden all morning.
    Edward running figure eights like a wild man.
    We think it's the cold weather. He does love it.

  13. The terror..oops terrier is 3. Only slows down after an hour+ walk, to eat his food or 8 hours at doggie day care !!!
    We're counting on him slowing down about..10 or so !!

  14. What a funny pair (a piece of tile in Sophie's mouth? Hehe!). I love the choreography of dog play...