Sunday, January 19, 2014

We meet ourselves time and time again in a 1000 different disguises on the path of life.

Bob and Sophie look on expectantly as the bakers wife starts to stack the shelves with freshly made macaroons. This morning their 'I've never been fed 'orphan dog routine doesn't work. She ignores them. They have to settle for an illicit half croissant at the cafe under the arcades.

Cold weather on the way. The palm trees wrapped in fleece to cover the areas where Bob has been gnawing the trunks. Then it's time to trim off the dead fronds. Angus disappears up a ladder with a saw. Bob and Sophie display a keen interest in what's going on. They settle at the foot of the ladder and bark encouragement. Palm fronds soon chewed and scattered across the lawn. Gardening PON style. Dogs can turn the most mundane of chores into a source of laughter.

This is an interesting article about dogs :



  1. Sitting here in dark and rainy Aberdeen, the gardening chore of wrapping the base of one's palm tree in fleece then climbing a ladder to trim the dead fronds sounds anything but mundane!

  2. Love that last photo of the two angels sharing the dried palm's nice that they both kept your company while you were trimming off the old fronds.
    Angus I don't like the idea of you on a ladder trimming palm fronds...a pole saw should work and keep you safely on the ground. We can't have anything happening to our favourite blog author.
    The mousquetaire macaroon looks interesting, but nothing compared to the linked article which was interesting and documented some of my thoughts regarding dogs and people.

  3. Thanks for the article...very good. BSL is wrong and a waste of time and there is plenty of evidence to support those two assertions. The two look adorable with their palm fronds!

  4. Yes, license dog owners and parents too. Your photos are always beautiful.

  5. Oh macaroons, how could you torture me so in the diet month of January, I'm sure I've put on a pounds just looking at them.
    Ok, you're forgiven, making me laugh at the PONs antics has worked off the pounds

  6. Unfortunately, bad dog owners seem to be attracted to the big breeds. We're all for putting down the owners!

    Bet the PONs are looking forward to another gardening session.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We leave the old fronds on our palms till the cold nights pass. They give additional protection and warmth to the palm and the newly exposed
    areas of the tree aren't subjected to
    the cold.
    I like, really like, scotsmad's thinking.

  8. I hope there were freshly made macaroons to enjoy for after the job was done!