Friday, January 3, 2014


The neighbouring village ( population : 34 ) has a  telephone box. It also has a Christmas display that makes our villages minimalist efforts look opulent. A small  bow wrapped around the handset in the phone booth, two more bows on a Ceanothus bush and two forlorn cardboard boxes wrapped in pink paper hanging off the signposts by the crossroads. '' Perhaps it all blew away " says 'the font' looking for an explanation as to why anyone would bother to decorate their village in this mysterious way. 

Sophie's nose is a wonderful thing. Wet and cold 24/7. An advert for the health bestowing benefits of chasing blackbirds, digging up rose bushes and putting her elder brother firmly in his place.


  1. Perhaps it was done to embarrass the village--or is there some unknown French tradition to be understated at Christmas.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Oh my, at least the decoratrice tried, and for that I give her had to be a lady....maybe with little means to do any better.
    Maybe too, the villagers did not want the task of decorating, and this one person still tried.
    If Sophie uses her cold wet nose like Brownie, I'm sure you've been startled many times when it suddenly appears on your foot while you're relaxing or working at your desk.

  3. When I saw the photos I thought it was some type of treasure hunt - follow the pink presents to discover the treasure! I like the minimalist look...How big is the village? Maybe there is only one person on the committee and s/he got fed up half way through the task!!

  4. And you thought Sophie was very SHY in the beginning - girls rock....
    Minimalist artist? LOL Greetings from Susanne, Daisy, Kiri and Dandy

  5. Dog's noses are a work of art.
    Wet and cold here, too.
    And awfully startling when they touch one's bare leg as one is making tea on a freezing morning.

  6. Your village and the neighboring one have taken "fiscally conservative decorations" to a whole new level!