Monday, September 1, 2014

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

Not a cloud in sight. We wander down to the old pilgrim church and sit on the steps outside listening to the organist practising for the ten o'clock mass. Sophie soon turns on her back and falls asleep. Bob keeps one eye open in case there should be passing wolves. The ever serious family fellow.

Back in the village the cycling club and the hunters association have double booked the Salle des Fetes. No one seems particularly bothered. A trestle table is set up and the hunters enjoy a convivial pre-breakfast glass of Floc. The cyclists join them. The sense of conviviality increases.

Sophie continues to guard the house against the nesting wrens and goldfinches. This has become her life's work.

Bob goes through the day with the happy air of someone who is continually and pleasantly surprised.


  1. And what were the convivial cyclists drinking…?

  2. I can never quite believe how much alcohol some of our Cyclos put away before (or sometimes during) a ride - usually the "festival" rides, such as the Telethon, it must be admitted, but even so... It's good to know that the Hunters & Cyclists can exist in happy cooperation!

  3. It sounds like a good start to September!

  4. Bob on the lookout for wolves, Sophie on the lookout for finches, you've just got to smile at their antics.
    I agree with Kim above, a good way to start September !

  5. I think it would be wonderful to go through life pleasantly surprised. I'm with Bob!

  6. Bob's eyes are so thoughtful and full of wisdom.....Angus surely you know that a wolf can pounce at any minute....Bob has got it covered.
    The chickens in the garden fool me every time.
    Hunters and cyclists.....cyclists and hunters....what a match, but it's nice to know that they could enjoy their separate activities together.

  7. Increased conviviality, a good start to the season.
    Sophie's big, fluffy feet are adorable!