Sunday, September 21, 2014

Renaissance Florence.

The Air France strike enters its second week. No incoming flights to disturb our morning reverie. Seven thirty. We head off to the foire aux vins at the supermarket. Once or twice a year the big chains sell off their stocks at a 20-30% discount. This is when the canny French buy their wine. Angus arrives just before the door opens. Ten minutes later, the car park is full and the aisles crowded. The early bird gets the worm or in this case four cases of Pomerol. 

Bob and Sophie are decidedly unhappy that their morning trip to the cafe under the arcades has been delayed. Their owner gets a reproachful look. When we do finally arrive the beer and absinthe crowd are in their usual positions. The lady with the blue dressing gown is today wearing a new pair of curly toed orange slippers festooned with blue baubles. These would not be out of place in renaissance Florence. The illicit half croissant is mercifully still available.

The Very Old Farmer accepts the twice daily visit from the district nurse but rejects the 'meals on wheels ' and home help services as 'interfering women'. In the afternoon ' the font ' has a brief chat with him. Later he's seen on his ancient tractor careening across the village green towards his vegetable patch. His lifetime ban from driving seems to have been forgotten. 


  1. Part of me admires the Very Old Farmer's indomitable, independent spirit, however apparently unwise some of his actions.

  2. I'm with Bertie on this one! But I hope he will be able to manage on his own (especially as the Son appears to have dissappeared into the woodwork again!)

  3. The curly toed orange slippers would not be out of place here in the US in a "modern day Wal-Mart!" :-)

  4. So happy the croissants weren't missed.

    Good for the Very Old Farmer! Age disgracefully.

  5. laughter and proud tears.
    the faces of delayed pons. LOL.
    and the spirit of the invincible very old farmer. one could maybe take a lesson or two there. admirable and independent to the core!
    i love this blog.

  6. Don't say that about Air France, they are flying me home this afternoon ! Want to get back to Leah, missing the pup

    1. I'm sure yours will be one of the 45% still going . It's the domestic ones that have been cancelled.

  7. Dat ole farmer sounds like he'd fit right in here in Texas.... independent, ornery, and strong-willed!!

  8. So you are now a true member of the canny French society....good for you.....4 cases of Pomerol...way to go Angus!!
    I am so very very HAPPY that the Very Old Farmer is well enough to move around on his tractor....who is going to stop him anyway? I just love him!!
    Tell him I send my love and admiration from all the way over here...glad he's back...I did miss him.

  9. Yay for the Very Old Farmer's stubborness!!

  10. Driving a tractor! The old farmer is certainly living life on his own terms. Perhaps you could persuade him to accept a few meals from you if it were put to him that you've got too much to eat but to little to save. His pride would remain intact and he'd have adequate nutrition for healing. But then, all my grandad wanted was his single malt and his cigarettes.
    Damn the old farmer's son.

  11. So Glad the Very Old Farmer survived his hospital stay... Good Score on the Pomerol..