Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back. Bob and Sophie to be collected at nine.

Back at midnight from a sunny England. Gatwick airport on a Saturday night reminiscent of Dante's description of the seventh circle of hell. Saturday night is when Italian teenagers travel en masse. The concept of queueing something that is quite alien to them. Bob and Sophie to be collected when the kennels open in an hour. Angus is dressed in thick, enthusiasm proof,  dog collecting clothes. 


  1. Welcome back ANGUS. But of course……..the "welcome home" that is the most important at the moment is the one for BOB and SOPHIE.
    Will check back with you in an hour or two to see if the Angels are home. Regards from the Westcoast of Canada - also sunny!

  2. Clothes with large and treat-filled pockets I trust.

  3. Welcome home! I imagine two PONs doing their best Tigger impression.
    I have been looking at houses in that part of the world recently. Easier for the Eurotunnel compared to Essex.

  4. Non-queuing societies, just don't understand.

  5. You've got that right about hellish. Notorious queue jumpers, certain peoples. Think overjoyed PONs.