Monday, September 29, 2014

A universal truth.

'The font' is on an astronomy course. It's a nine to five schedule. But not the nine to five you might imagine. This comes as a surprise to all concerned.

In a museum a formal family portrait of a Victorian family. In the foreground a scruffy terrier. The out of focus dog has shaken its head just as the photographer says 'cheese'. Victorian dog photographers and modern day ones united by subjects that never sit still. 

Each morning a gentleman with a motability scooter takes up position outside Starbucks. Beside him a small black dog on a fluffy cushion. Every ten minutes or so the dog stands on its back legs, rotates through 360 degrees , then settles down again. Strangers come up and chat to the old man. After two hours the dog is loaded into the wicker basket on the front of the scooter and off they go for lunch. Proof that your never far from a conversation when you have a dog in tow.

Back here Bob and Sophie ensure the garden is safe and then settle down to sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.


  1. That elderly gentleman looks like an interesting fellow. I imagine that he has a few great stories to tell.

  2. Has everything gone topsy-turvy? Has AM - PM suddenly gone PM - AM for the FONT? Most importantly in all of this…….how will the Angels adjust to this? They will certainly realize that 'someone' is awake and active in the house……..and even more certainly will want to be a part of it all!
    Not to mention their sleep patterns being turned upside down. All in the name of the stars above…….. Sleep tight - whenever that may be. We are off to sleep ourselves, on the Westcoast of Canada.

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  4. It was only when I acquired a dog myself that I started to notice how often they feature in old photographs and paintings, and learnt what a conversation opener they are.
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. So true, with a dog someone will always start a conversation with you.
    The 'Font' is very dedicated, I would struggle with anything that interfered with my good 8 hours a night.

  6. True. We always cause people to stop. (We also have lots of blurry photos.)

  7. I guess not much seeing goes on during daylight with telescopes.