Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joy Overload.

The lady at the fish shop is preparing some smoked salmon. She trims the skin and throws it into a bucket at the side of the counter. Today the salmon skin misses the bucket and lands at Bobs feet. Quick as a flash he picks it up and then stands there. His feet want to move, his tail wants to wag, his mouth wants to chew but they can't. He's suffering from joy overload. All he can do is snort. Finally he circles round, head down, doing a peculiar soft shoe shuffle while enjoying the heaven sent delicacy.The tail goes into overdrive. His sister is not impressed.

Sophie's day gets worse. There's a long queue outside the fancy bakers. No choux pastry crumbs for her. We head back to the car and then, after a walk along the top of the ridge, home. 

Bob got cheese yesterday and salmon skin today. There was nothing from the bakers to lighten Sophie's despair. What's a girl to do ?


  1. Thanks for the priceless description of Bob's reaction to the salmon miracle.

  2. Lucky Bob, and poor Sophie.
    Time for her to perfect the "poor me, I haven't had a croissant in weeks" look. Or learn to move faster than Bob!

  3. What a lovely way to start your day, you must have laughed at the sight of Bobs joy overload.

  4. In the next-to-last picture, what is the crumbly layer along the bottom ? And is that the head of a pig in the center of the right half of the crumbly layer ! ? (Or a human skull !! ?)

  5. Ah Sophie - tant pis pour toi! Tant mieux pour Bob.