Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Looking at door jambs.

Hot and humid. The sort of day that addles the brain. Sophie finds herself a shady spot in the garden and savages a stick. Bob lies at the front door and chills .

Off to the museum of table settings with American visitors. Huge rooms starved of furniture. We're the only people there. Upstairs a new gallery dedicated to door jambs. American woman thinks it's very relaxing. American man is less sure.

Angus has the high points of the table settings museum off pat. Square medieval plates and eighteenth century place settings with the knife and fork facing the wrong way. American man says he's read that our departement is the least visited in France. 'Can't be because of the cultural offerings' he adds. Tomorrow we'll go to the museum of secateurs.

I'm told this is one of the most difficult pieces of violin music to play. Stay with it until the 3.20 mark and you'll understand why.


  1. Oh if only the world knew about the pottery festival, and Mme Bay's fashion sense, and the farm with the year round Christmas decorations, and the entertaining PONs, they would ignore the Eiffel tower and be heading your way faster than you can say "un demo-croissant, s'il vous plait".
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I see you managed to retrieve the lost comments yesterday, something I've tried and failed to do in the past. Please, what's the trick?

    1. Later in the day the lost comments magically reappeared under a draft format. The post didn't. The Google gremlin has neither rhyme nor logic.

  2. Don't think that piece could be played with dentures....

    Do you really want hoards of people visiting? Not sure about door jams. Ever visited a barbed wire museum when in the US?

  3. Cat gut his tongue?

  4. That is a lovely room though, and a museum of secatuers? Well, they will never forget they saw such a thing, I am sure!

  5. Am I recalling correctly that you and 'the font' visited the museum of secatuers a few years ago? You'll have to let us know what "American Man" thinks.

    I hope your day has been an enjoyable one!

  6. How big is the door jambs gallery, I mean just how many door jambs can there be?

    I think the PONs would suggest a visit to the cafe with the croissants for your next trip perhaps ?

  7. Love to see this "museum of table settings" . Exactly where is it so that I can pop down for a visit some time ? Love the PONs and your blog starts my day with a smile everytime. Please keep it up.

  8. Your trip sounds almost as exciting as a visit to the pencil factory somewhere in the Lake District! Door jambs..table settings - be still my beating heart!

  9. A museum of table settings, door jambs and fascinating....
    I am sure you don't want all and sundry as well as hob, nob and the crew visiting your idyllic village in droves, so it's best that your departement is the least visited in my honest opinion.
    As for the violin player....I have no words.