Sunday, September 14, 2014


Bob and Sophie wake and start barking at some break of day ( German ) pilgrims.

Down by the stream thousands of cabbage whites flitting in and out of the grass verges. As we approach they rise vertically into the air. As we pass they descend. Pure magic. Natures simple gift to early rising dog owners.

The lady at the fancy bakers is selling blue cakes. I don't quite catch her reason for making them. They are very blue.

On our way home the angelic duo bark at the melon pickers. Unintimidated, the melon pickers wave back. 

'The font' wonders why Angus would buy blue cakes when  there are so many others on offer.

Evening. Bob and Sophie's end of day comfort break. In the sky Saturn, Mars and Antares aligned. The line so straight and the planets and stars so bright it seems unnatural. I call 'the font' out and we sit, two shaggy dogs at our feet, watching. The second time in a day I'm thankful for those special things a dog owner is privileged to witness.

This is useful in working out what's going on in the night sky above you -


  1. I gain 5 pounds every time I read your blog:).

  2. The baked goods! I'm swooning! One of everything, please! So, old prejudices still linger concerning blue.
    Interesting. I think the cake is lovely. Perhaps you were subconsciously swayed by the Saltire.

  3. I don't know how you ever choose a cake -- Please tell us they taste as delicious as they look, even the blue one.

    We keep hearing on the news about the nighttime sky--Unfortunately for us, the clouds are keeping us from seeing anything.

  4. I read your headline and expected to see pictures of very small dogs with large ears. < g >

    Hope the blue cakes were good.

  5. Playing my favourite game of 'which cake would I choose', my eye is caught by the 'Bresilien' and I'm wondering if asking for a Brazilian would be a double entendre in France!
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. Dog owners who choose to enjoy their dogs, that is....

    Just noticed Gail, we'd choose the souffle citron....but not anything blue.

  7. I had a blue frosted cupcake at a recent wedding reception, They used the color of the frosting to distinguish the flavor selections, The blue frosted cupcake tasted like a "Mounds" candy bar.

  8. Everything is better with dogs...and we choose the Tartelette poire

  9. So how was the fancy smancy blue cake? Did Bob and Sophie approve?
    We have a ton of papillons here too...must be the year of the butterfly.
    What a wonderful day for all of you...and to finish off such a lovely day, sitting and watching the night sky (never heard of Antares before) with warm fuzzy PONs at your feet...who needs slippers?
    Thanks for posting the stellarium is very helpful. Getting my telescope ready for the next blood moon siting next month.