Thursday, February 5, 2015

A dog owners nightmare.

It starts to snow again. The snow plough comes through the village two minutes before the school bus arrives to pick up the pre-teens. The parents look delighted. The pre-teens less so.


A dog owners nightmare. At the newsagent we meet a very worried looking French teacher. She let her two young male Golden's out for a late evening 'pit stop' the night before last. Somehow the gate onto the lane was left open. They disappeared into the gloom. This was the night it started snowing and they haven't been seen since. She's fearful that the snow has covered their tracks and now they're completely lost. We spend the afternoon and early evening looking for the dogs along the banks of the stream. The mayor and the Old Farmer try the other side of the ridge. We'll try again, further afield, tomorrow.

More snow is forecast. 


  1. Oh no, that is absolutely the dog owners' nightmare. And those poor goldens will likely not be well acclimatised to the freezing conditions. In my experience with Bertie (who has occasionally been known to do a runner when out on walk) there is a tendency to head for the nearest human habitation, rather than out into the wild. Please let us know if the young pups are found.

  2. Oh no! As you say that is a dog owners nightmare. I do hope they're found safe and well

  3. Hopefully, the goldens have found an old barn or shed for shelter and are safe and warm...if hungry.

    1. Oh, and in France, aren't they all French teachers?

  4. Lovely snowy photos...picture perfect for a postcard.
    The angelic duo will have lots of fun in the snow.
    Bob's eyes are so soulful...I just love them,
    I hope the Goldens are found soon....a dog owner's nightmare indeed....prayers headed your way for their safe return.

  5. That's really a nighmare, I hope so much for a happy ed for the two goldens and their owner.
    Easy Rider

  6. Oh no. I hope they were able to find shelter somewhere overnight, the poor things. I do hope they are found. The lady must be frantic with with worry. I would be in a state.
    Driving down next week..I think new snow chains may be wise.

  7. I knew what the nightmare was when I read the headline. As nightmare's go, it is the worst. I really hope they are found soon. Coming from a snowy place, I know that my dog can find her way home through snow and ice. Perhaps someone has found the goldens and is sheltering them from the cold. Fingers crossed.

  8. Praying for the Goldens' safe return home... Our Mitzi once went missing at the coast for three days and two nights (a friend had had Mitzi on the leash, but Mitzi tore herself away looking for us). We found her after searching for days -- tangled in the dunes above a high tide. If it weren't for the high tide forcing us into the dunes, we never would have found her and she would have died from dehydration. Miracles do happen, but the three days before our miracle were the worst nightmare.

  9. Thanks for the Wonderful Pictures, and prayers the 2 golden are found. ( the good news is they have each other)

    Yogi & Mom

  10. This is so sad. My heart aches for the lady whose goldens are out there somewhere in the snow. And for the lost dogs as well. Please let us know when they are found!

  11. I hope someone found the pups and has kept them safe. Keep us posted! Welcome to winter.

  12. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 5, 2015 at 7:19 PM

    We are so very sorry to hear about the pups, and hope that someone has taken them in, or they have found shelter. Please keep us posted on what's happening. How pretty everywhere looks in the snow, and is that a very snowy Sophie in the third photo? Looks as though the happy duo are taking a break in the back of the car before yet more guarding!

  13. Oh no! We hope the Goldens have been found or will be found very soon. Paws are crossed!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Such a sad story... sure hope the 2 goldens are found, safe and sound...