Thursday, February 19, 2015

Man is affected not by events, but by the view he takes of them.

The builders arrive at seven thirty. A cue for dogs and master to head off down the hill to the stream. When we return Caroline the cleaning lady is in the house. She is not happy. In between sighs there are staccato bursts of invective. Dust, dogs and debris. An unholy trinity. 

Bob's ears dip in the water when he drinks from the stream. Time for the angelic duos hair to be trimmed and their fringes thinned. PONs are nervous when they can't see clearly. Purists disapprove and say you shouldn't trim the hair over their eyes. PON purists have never had to live with a house full of builders who shout and make sudden and unexpected movements.

For the briefest of moments I consider trimming their beards but think better of it. They've accepted the ear and fringe trimming with good grace. Best to quit while you're ahead.

The old walls in the kitchen are out and the new walls are up. The builders are heavy Gauloise smokers. I ask them to open a window. They mutter. A vent for the hood extractor hangs jauntily from the ceiling. They've been in the attic to fit it. Amazingly the ceilings seem to be intact. 

The trolley with the ancient, and very heavy Godin cooker, remains mired in mud up to its axles. Around lunchtime a pick axe through a central heating pipe raises the blood pressure. Time to display a stoic mentality. The miniature flood is mopped up and the pipe repaired by the time 'The Font' returns from London. Bob is overjoyed his flock is home and demonstrates his delight by lying on his back and howling. Sophie checks the carry-on bag to see if there are biscuits.

Today the red trousered kitchen furniture man is due. Angus has to tell him that all his measurements are wrong. 


  1. Nothing is ever easy....says SHE who has had a week of frustration.

    1. A week of frustration . Oh dear ....

  2. Looking forward to a post which says "Caroline is happy".

  3. Dust, dogs and unholy trinity indeed...poor Caroline!!!
    Thankfully I am finished with my project, actually finished grouting the shower tiles last night....phew!!!
    Today is a cleanup day, and then I'm taking a much needed day off.
    To everyone at the ROF, Hang in there....this too shall pass.

  4. I just went through a complete kitchen and ground-floor re-do, and my tribulations were merely wisps in the wind compared to events at the ROF. Bon chance.

  5. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 19, 2015 at 6:06 PM

    How venerable Bob looks, whilst Sophie looks pensive after their fringe trim. Could they be ruminating about what the red trousered kitchen furniture man will say when you tell him his measurements are wrong? Or is it because there were no biscuits in 'The Fonts' carry-on bag.....

  6. Your recent posts fill me with dread, as we are just about to rip out our own kitchen and have a new one, starting with the digging up of the grotty tiled floor. We have no idea what's under it, could be earth or old tomettes.
    In our case we have no-one else to blame but ourselves if the measurements are all wrong.........

  7. Fringe trimming is a must. Though I'm not the best at it. I can almost hear Edward thinking, "Don't gap me up". But he does like to see, and his fur grows so fast.

  8. One of my dogs went back to his former foster home today. Archie the Tyrant, a small but mighty Rat Terrier, old and opinionated. I needed to trim not his fringe (he has none) but his nails. He ate kibble through the entire process, was unexpectedly accommodating, yet very happy when we were done. I look forward to seeing the finished house, as I'm sure you all do.