Friday, February 13, 2015

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

The cat that has recently taken to peeing in the woodshed decides to take a nap on top of a pile of logs. It's still there, dreaming away, when the PONs hurtle out of the front door for their early morning constitutional. Pandemonium ensues. The cat flies off the logs and rockets into the upper branches of a tree. The angelic duo try to follow. Bob, who is less vocal than his sister, does his basso profundo WOOF. A sound reserved for moments of high theatre. Sophie does her prolonged high pitched yelp. This is a sound that can shred concrete.

With the whole of France now awake ( how the villagers must love us ) we head down to the cafe under the arcades for a bowl of water and illicit half croissant. The newsagent says that the new season collection of post cards is in. Never having bought a post card from him this news is received with some surprise. The scenes of garlic pickers in rustic settings are admired and suitably approving noises made.

Home. As soon as the tailgate is opened the PONs are out. Bob in the lead, his sister close behind. The cat has gone. The PONs continue to voice their disapproval. Perhaps the PONs that Polish apartment dwellers own come from the the quiet side of the family ? The thought of these two in an apartment is truly frightening .


  1. Bertie's bark is more of a concrete shredder, a fact not appreciated in the early morning by the residents on our inner Aberdeen street...

  2. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 13, 2015 at 8:30 AM

    The audacity of that cat! Good job Bob and Sophie can show it who's boss!
    There must be many followers of your blog, Angus, who will be waiting with barely concealed excitement to receive a holiday post card of the garlic pickers in rustic settings - such a change from palm trees and golden sands!
    PON's in Polish apartments - perhaps all the non-PON owning neighbours are deaf, and hadn't noticed? The first photo of Sophie has made our day - we can almost hear the concrete shredding!

  3. It has taken a long time for Leah to find her voice and for a tiny dot she has an unusually deep woof. Where does that come from ?

    1. Whatever their size they believe they're Great Danes !

  4. Every morning the dogs CHARGE out with a loud bark just in case there is a cat in the yard. There was one ONCE about 5 months ago. So far, the neighbours haven't complained about there 5:30 wake up call.

  5. What a great way to start the day for the PON duo...chasing a cat who has trespassed on their territory....what fun.
    As for concrete shredding barks, my boy Brownie has a deafening bark when the monkeys are around.
    I could have probably used Sophie's talent while I worked on my latest project...demolishing old concrete to get at the old plumbing for the bathroom renovation....instead I used a Hilti.

  6. The impertinence of that pud!
    Whilst in the UK we reside in a small village; we haven't been here very long, but a note of apology has already been sent to our nearest neighbour due to a certain PON and his brain scrambling bark.

  7. That postcard of the sunflowers on the left looks vaguely familiar...A side business?

  8. New postcards are a good sign that spring is coming!!! I love the description of a PONs bark "shredding concrete". That cat really should re-think his lodgings.

  9. Are the beautiful highways on the postcards yet?

  10. Our Tucker does a high pitched whistling whine when he's truly excited. After about 5 minutes of it it tends to wear on one's nerves...but bless his little cotton socks we love him (and the rest) to bits.

  11. Kioko is a boy, but there is nothing bass about his continual yelp when he is being territorial and perturbed. I'm trying to work out what the lady in the top right postcard is doing.