Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keen to go.

The builders idea of 'tidy' is different to 'The Fonts'. Master and dogs head off into town for the mornings illicit half croissant while the shaven headed lads are issued with mops and buckets. They look surprised.

At the barbers Sophie settles under my feet while Bob takes up his spot by the sickly aspidistra. The four bushy eye browed old farmers on the faded leather sofa aren't customers. They're there to read the morning paper and put the world to rights. The barber conducts a conversation with them while cutting my hair. Being disdainful of modern technology he uses a cut throat razor. Angus prays that he doesn't get too distracted.

Home to find the builders finished and the floors mopped. The eighteenth century floor tiles remain in situ despite the builders enthusiasm to rip them out. The new plaster on the walls will need to season for a month before it can be painted. The builders go as soon as a cheque is in their hands,

Outside in the garden two fat, happy, bees clamber over the hyacinths. Another sign that Spring is on the way and Winter is tottering gently to its close. 

The PONs are delighted to have the house to themselves again. This is nothing to the joy their owners feel . 


  1. Yes, everyone can relax now.....until the next onslaught.

  2. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 21, 2015 at 2:24 PM

    Very nice floor tiles, but what will Caroline the unhappy cleaning lady say when she sees them - not up to her cleaning standards no doubt. We still think you need Madame Bay there to keep an eye on things - those shaven-headed lads would have behaved themselves, and cleaned up afterwards.
    Enjoy the peace whilst it lasts.

  3. We never realize how tense we've been until the workers leave.
    You have hyacinths!
    So this is why you left Scotland.

  4. Enjoy the "sound of silence!"

    (Thank-you for the kind words you've left on the loss of my brother).

  5. Heavenly hyacinths. Can they really be that vividly colored?
    With their marvelous coats, it was probably a lovely day for PONs