Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The builder has subcontracted out the demolition work to a group of five shaven headed young men. '' Don't worry. They'll know what to do. They're good at knocking things down " he says in what might be an attempt at humour.

By ten there's been a slight problem. A mallet has gone through the kitchen wall into the dining room . In the process a collection of blue ware goes flying. " Thank goodness it's only things that are broken " says ' The Font ' mustering a smile.

Sophie wears her '' Is it alright ? " face. Bob deals with the crashes and thumps by settling into a deep sleep on the front door stoop.

The workmen go at five. Canine equanimity is soon restored. The PONs settle down on the wooden table by the swimming pool for a lengthy chat. Bob explains to his sister that he's chased the interlopers away. She looks less than convinced.

'' The workmen have made good progress " says Angus to 'The Font' over dinner. This observation is met with a strange half strangulated noise that might be interpreted as a snort of derision. 


  1. Clearly, Sophie knows when it's the testosterone talking...

  2. Looks like they do know how to knock things down.

  3. Oh dear Angus, I feel your pain. Thank goodness I do my own demolition for my projects.
    Right now I'm renovating my upstairs bath and when I started three weeks ago it looked just like your photo, but now I am almost finished since I'm doing it all myself except for the plumbing.
    I'm not sure how I would have reacted if a "demolition expert" had broken some of my blue and white ware....the Font sure took her damage lightly.

  4. I think the Font is being very restrained!

  5. I doubt the shaven headed young men have any idea what blue ware is. If it was my blue ware they would be very lucky that was all that was broken.
    Let's hope that this is the only disaster........I somehow don't feel too confident about that!

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 17, 2015 at 3:32 PM

    What a mess - will the shaven headed young men will be back tomorrow to clear up - or will they be taking a day or two's rest after all their exertions? Just as well they are not going to build the new kitchen! Sophie and 'The Font' seem to have them weighed up, but it really needs Madame Bay to help keep an eye on things too. We hope that the builder will be replacing the blue ware.

  7. I love what you've done to the dining room, tee hee!!

  8. Edward and Apple have similar stories from our building project last fall. They are immensely thrilled with the finished product, and even more so that they managed, finally, to drive the workmen away.

  9. The is everything okay face seems to include a wandering eye. Great photo.

    The font has such an amazing attitude.

    1. Builders have nothing on the destructive capacity of teenage boys.

  10. When they're being paid they're called workman instead of vandals, is that it?