Thursday, February 26, 2015

Difficult to fulfill.

Midnight. Every owl in Europe is perched in the trees outside the Rickety Old Farmhouse. Whoever thinks owls go tiwitawoo are deeply mistaken. French owls make a screeching noise like a busy day at the wrecking yard. Angus gets up  and wanders through to the snug to watch television. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Impenetrable in English, even more so when dubbed into French. After twenty minutes of this sleep comes easily.

Six thirty am. It goes without saying that the PONs have slept well, are fully rested and are keen to get their day started.  

Off to the red trousered kitchen designer. ''Try to look as though you're interested" and " don't growl when he shows you the estimate " says 'The Font'. Thankfully there has been an argument in the workshop and the kitchen designer hasn't prepared our quote. The good news - we leave early. The bad news - we have to go again on Friday. '' It will all be settled then " says the kitchen designer, grandly .

Bob and his master discuss their respective days. Bob gives Angus a look of deep sympathy. Either that or he's just having a squiffy moment.


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    1. My thoughts too. It was rewarded with a carrot.

  2. I am imagining how the argument went.

    Red trousers: this is my quote for the Scotsman's kitchen. I can see his wife is passionate about cooking and I suspect they are not short of money. So I have designed a very fancy and expensive kitchen. It will cost XXXX tens of thousands of Euros. Good business for us, n'est ce pas?

    His boss: Are you mad? Have you forgotten that he is a Scot, and it will be difficult to part him from his cash? Oh and I wish you would not wear those red trousers on client visits. A certain sort of British customer is likely to be suspicious of designers who wear such garments. Please revise the estimate. Downwards.

    Red Trousers: This is an insult! My artistry is not appreciated! (He flounces out, throwing the estimate on the floor).

    PS Be grateful I did not add in 'Allo 'Allo style accents to the dialogue...

    1. Looking at The Rickety Old Farmhouse their approach is more likely to be one of pity.

  3. The look on Bob's face is priceless!

    1. Some dogs look regal. Others look squiffy

  4. Fewer than there were last night.

  5. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 26, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    Has Bob been at the vin rouge? Could be why he had a squiffy moment.

  6. Had no idea you were a NeNe fan....or is it Kenya?
    Hope you already have an estimate in your head how much you are willing to spend on the new kitchen. If the red trousered kitchen designer overshoots that figure, tell him you can have it done for less, and watch him back pedal to a more agreeable figure.....don't get hoodwinked. You can growl as loud as you want at his estimate, I'm on your side this time around...sorry Madame Font.
    Best of luck!!

  7. I heard a report a few weeks ago that non-speaking English people in the US were learning it by watching the "Housewives of New Jersey." I shudder to think what they sound like when they speak!

    Stay strong on Friday!

  8. Some days our Tucker has those squiffy moments...must be the bearded ones. The only owls I have heard do the tawitawoo - sorry to hear of the screeching.

  9. There is nothing "real" about those housewives.

  10. LOLOL!!! love those bob~squiffy moments!!!
    are we surprised that the quote wasn't ready?
    it seems to be the only consistent thing in service in france.
    i don't have squiffy moments. i apparently have snarky ones. LOL.
    bob is too sweet to have snarky ones.

  11. Today's first PON pic is stellar. Made me smile out loud.

    Agreed with VirginiaC on estimates: Have a figure in mind and be firm in expressing "Non" if/when Red Trou overshoots it. There is always room for maneuver, not to mention fiddling, in those things.