Friday, February 27, 2015

If you wish to be a writer, write.

One of those wet days when there is always a damp dog under your feet. 

Madame Bay arrives, settles in the kitchen with a large cup of coffee, then starts reminiscing about village sixty years ago. " I was a mere girl then ". The fact that Madame Bay was well into her twenties sixty years ago is politely overlooked. '' There were forty in the church choir . We'd be tipped after weddings but were expected to sing for nothing at funerals ".

In the  rare gaps in the downpour Bob takes up position on his stump seat. He barks at the Post Lady, the Old Farmer ( who is pumping up the tyres on his venerable Ford Transit motor home ) and the mayors secretary. They all wave at him. Somehow the fact they wave reinforces Bobs view that he is the worlds most ferocious guard dog. 

Sophie starts the day looking shaggy. By the end of the day the rain, humidity and adventures in puddles ....

have combined to create the ultimate bad hair day. Not that this bothers her.


  1. I'm better those poor (or mythical?) apartment dwelling PONs don't have such bad hair days!

  2. The bad hair photo....what a hoot!

    Dui escaped today and scattered a group of Aboriginal children heading to school. He was very proud as he was dragged from the scene.

  3. The rare visits from Madame Bay are always enjoyed....glad to know she is okay. Bob and Sophie must miss her a whole lot....Caroline will never be able to truly take her place that's for sure.
    Hope the Old Farmer isn't planning another far -off trip anytime soon.

  4. Does Angus have a morsel of croissant dangling from the camera in order to solicit such angelic and well behaved poses? I wish that my bad hair days looked as good as Sophie's.

  5. Well that got my day started with a laugh!

  6. I have missed Madame Bay. Sophie marches to a different drummer.

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GFebruary 27, 2015 at 7:18 PM

    Has Madame Bay volunteered to oversee the work on the new kitchen? That kitchen man in the red trousers won't dare throw a fit and flounce out if she does, and the work may even get finished on time. We have missed your comments on Madame's colourful fashion "statements" too - they were always sure to raise a smile!
    If Sophie's not bothered about her bad hair day, why should we?

    1. The thought of Mme Bay supervising the workmen is a waking nightmare. No, she will be kept a far away from them as possible.

  8. It may be a bad hair day but you have to smile at Sophie's face!

  9. I think Sophie looks delightful!

  10. Expected to sing for nothing at funerals? Well I suppose that was all well and good if the deceased was a pleasant person . . .

    Dear dear Sophie.

  11. Looking back now from my current 50+ years, young women in their 20's DO seem like mere girls to me, lol :)