Sunday, November 15, 2015


The PONs are waiting for their morning walk. They exhibit a silent ' What's keeping you ? ' impatience .

We stop off at the 'American' style burger place for a post walk cup of coffee. It's usually humming but this morning it's quiet. Bob doesn't mind 'humming' restaurants. Sophie does. As it's empty both PONs can join me without the danger of a 'diva' moment. The staff all come over to talk to the dogs. You can never be alone in France when you travel with canine companions. Bob adores the attention. Sophie remains aloof until a sliver of biscuit is profered.

Truffle flavoured crisps on sale at the check out. How chic. 

A poster in a window of a children's clothing store makes me smile. A motto that could apply to any four year old or a PON princess.

The lady at the newsagents is so traumatised by events in Paris that she calls me 'tu' when I come to pay for the papers. It's only taken seven years.

In the afternoon the Sapeurs-Pompiers check that we're OK. Why anyone would think Djihadists would storm our little commune of 67 souls is beyond reckoning. They stay long enough for two middle aged firemen to play a five minute game of 'Throw the Furry Fox' in the orchard. Again, I'm reminded that dogs are an antidote for the worlds woes. 


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Just love that last photo. Makes our hearts sing.

WFT Nobby said...

Sapeurs-Pompiers playing throw the furry fox?
How perfect.

Poppy Q said...

Just shocking. Maybe we need Pons on every street corner round the world. People would be too busy playing to be destructive.

VirginiaC said...

I am so numb that I couldn't even comment yesterday after those horrible events in Paris.
The Sapeurs-Pompiers were doing their job and that's good.
Please don't even for a moment think that anywhere is "safe" from these terrorists acts...this leads to a sense of false security and it seems that this is what they depend on. They are already here in my part of the world's all so sad.
Happy Sunday to all of you.

Kari said...

We agree with Virginia, nowhere is really safe anymore. So we must carry on and do our best.
Truffle crisps have shown up in the U.S. But they're called "west coast" style.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sapeurs-Pompiers coming to check on everyone, as you no doubt sgree, probably did a lot to reassure some of the people in your village.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Your little commune is somewhat close to the boarder, with probably houses large enough to hide several people, who forced their way in , while waiting for the boarder to reopen. If not that, then our beloved PON's had visitors who were taught a delightful new game!

Coppa's girl said...

It's good to know, after all the horrific events on Friday, that someone is keeping an eye on the rest of the population - even in your little village. What's Bob telling Sophie - nothing naughty we hope ? Surely he isn't kissing her....