Monday, November 30, 2015

Strobe lights.

A bright start to the day. Ideal weather for mole hunting ....

PONdering the state of the universe ....

and guarding the front door.

After lunch Bob and his master head off to the rugby match. Bob settles on the bench next to me and is soon asleep, chin on my knee. The affable crowd is composed of local farmers, their male offspring and family dogs. All presumably banished from the house so that mother can take a nap. 

We return to find that The Old Farmer has been busy working on his Christmas decorations. Today a string of multi-coloured lights have been added to his terrace. These join the star ( which glows for much of the year and has been resolutely beaming away since the start of the month ) and the green and red lights that run around his gutters and are connected to the motion sensor at his front door. The new lights on the terrace have settings. These enable them to sometimes glow uniformly before suddenly flashing on and off at annoyingly regular intervals. 

Late at night Angus settles down in the drawing room to finish off a chapter of a book. Such is the luminosity from across the lane that he doesn't need to turn on a reading lamp. Bob wanders upstairs to make sure everything is alright. Angus discovers that the Old Farmers new lights have a manic 'strobe' setting. 

Another of those quiet days with happy, healthy dogs. 'Little' events too inconsequential for a diary but too important to go entirely unrecorded.


  1. One has to admire the Old Farmers energy and drive!

  2. Beautiful weather here too, and the occasional Christmas decorations around about, but no manic strobe lighting - yet !
    We wonder which part of the Universe Sophie is pondering - does it have sausages??

  3. The Old Farmer is a real character!

  4. Good God! First the airport landing light star and now strobing lights. Is there no relief?
    I find those flashing lights particularly annoying. At least Bob and Sophie will have some extra "daylight" hours for play.

  5. The Old Farmer seems to be well and truly into the spirit of the season, or his version of it. Enjoy!!