Sunday, November 22, 2015

The first fire of winter.

We light the first fire of the winter. A strong chill wind blows in from the Bay of Biscay. The sort of frigid weather dogs love, dog owners less so.

The Old Farmer returns from Strasbourg. He's driven overnight. Later today we'll find out how his court case went.

On our morning walk the PONs follow the old Roman road that runs in a straight line across the fields. Twenty minutes walk out. Thirty minutes back. Going out is always undertaken at supercharged pace. Coming back is less frantic. Time to re-examine all those exciting scents that were given a cursory sniff on the way out. At the crossroads Sophie remembers that breakfast is waiting in the kitchen. The speed picks up again - dramatically.

A day for keeping watch at the gate. The angelic duo can sit like this for hours oblivious to the cold.

An afternoon for racing round the garden. The moles are back so there is much digging.

From this weeks Economist. An ordinary man remembered at the end of an extraordinary week. Somehow a charming and inclusive gesture for the magazine  to write about real people.


  1. Cold winds, sniffs, elusive scents, keeping watch and moles to dig up - pretty well up there as a best day ever, we should think !

  2. I love the two of them peeking through the gates. Keep warm and cosy.

  3. Sounds like the Old Farmer didn't stick around in Strasbourg to celebrate.
    Awaiting news of the court case with trepidation...

  4. The cold and the moles are back here as well, and we've got the changes in the landscape to prove it.

  5. As usual, The Economist produces another wonderfully written piece. I heard about Mathieu's plea for a rock group to attend Cedric's
    funeral, and my first thought was that it would present a security problem. What a sad state of affairs.
    On a lighter note, I love the way those two PON tongues match the raspberry accent wall.

  6. I hope the Old Farmer brought milk and cat food or he's going to have one disappointed cat

  7. Catching up on so-called real life after a couple of weeks of no internet. After all the frazzle and upsets, it's very refreshing and calming to spend a few minutes in your little village. Thank you.

  8. I recently read that if you plant daffodils in the mole holes, the moles leave because the bulbs are poisenous.