Monday, November 23, 2015


'They' look like this before we even head off on our morning walk.

'' Why ? " asks Angus. The angelic duo look completely unperturbed.

Cue for a trip to the waterfall. They'll get wet but some of the mud should wash off.

En route we chat with the Old Farmer. His court case went well. The purchaser of the Mercedes truck never paid him so he can't be liable for selling faulty goods. He's even been awarded costs.

Afterwards a trip to the garden centre. Time for new dog beds. Hopefully, now that the angelic duo are older the beds won't be shredded so quickly. The garden centre has thrown itself into the Christmas spirit.

A state of emergency being in place the Sapeurs-Pompiers drive by. Bob barks. They wave. Bob comes into the house wearing his '' that frightened them off " look.

In the afternoon Bob unearths the squeaky starfish. A peerless treasure hidden in the box hedge and saved for the onset of winter.

Mud , intimidated firemen and a reunion with a favoured toy. Can a day get any better ?


  1. And I'm so pleased the Old Farmer's trip to Strasbourg was not in vain and, even more importantly, he arrived safely home.

  2. The Angelic Duo look so pleased with themselves in that first photo!! Lots more photos like that over the next few months I'd guess?

  3. Dear Angus enjoy your post every day and hope for a picture of the waterfall. kind regards from Else Marie

    1. Shall try to take one the next time were down there.

  4. I was looking at their sweet faces when my eyes suddenly saw their feet!!! Still laughing!