Thursday, November 5, 2015

Known to the police.

The tree surgeons arrive ( two months late ) to trim the branches damaged in the August 'storm of the century'.

A howling Sophie hurtles out of the front door to let them know she's on their case.

Bob takes a more relaxed approach to the visitors.

He picks up Furry Fox ......

..... observes the intruders and their spawn of Satan power saw ....

..... and then barks at them from behind the safety of a lime tree.

It has to be said that barking with a Furry Fox in your mouth is not an intimidating canine characteristic.

Sophie stands yapping by the tree mens truck, uncowed by the evil power saw that so alarms her brother. In a human incarnation Sophie would be the sort of high living girl who'd be 'known to the police'.

So starts a day in deepest France profonde with two irrepressibly happy family dogs.


  1. Furry fox seems to be in good nick. He'd be missing some part(s) here.

  2. Please tell Sophie to steer well clear of any chain saws. My boss v. nearly lost a finger last week when she was standing close to her husband assisting in the sawing of logs for winter…

  3. Fearless Sophie - we wonder in what way she'd be "known to the police" ? Maybe she would be the very first female member of the SAS - or French equivalent ? Is Furry Fox Bob's comfort blanket, we wonder.

  4. What an exciting day! Amazing personalities showing up in both dogs. (The Diva and Mr. Cautious)
    Bob will feel better once he christens the tire of that demon truck.

    Barks from,
    Your pal Yogi in Ohio

    1. But, looking at his picture again ... we love how he protects furry fox ! ;)

  5. Coppa's girl has it right! Sophie would be so high up the ladder of LEGAL command, she would know ALL, and issue ALL orders !!!!!! Just like in the picture above.

  6. If being strong and courageous is equated with being known to the police, I hope I am.

  7. I see Sophie s more of a Caped Crusader. Always on the alert for danger. With a few Diva Dog moments :)

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how the workmen just show up to do a job....unannounced after such a long time....that would never happen with me here....they'd have to call and make an appointment first and then I'd have to check my coffers so see whether I could accommodate them in terms of payment..
    I think you may be on to something here with Sophie's new title "Known to the Police." She is a character isn't she?

  9. Well, I have a couple of dogs here that I know could be Sophie's partner in crime!

  10. Bob's papa bear/pon instinct came out! He was protecting the furry fox from harm.