Thursday, December 10, 2015

Different types of hay.

The builders are still here. They said they'd be finished by Tuesday. They now say they'll be finished by close of business today. '' Don't you worry M'Ongoose. Just a few odds and ends to finish off ". Why do I not feel convinced?  

Across the road another group of builders are re-roofing the Salle des Fetes. It's not as if the Salle des Fetes needed re-roofing but there is money in the village kitty that has either to be spent or returned to the government before the start of the New Year. The next round of voting in the regional elections is on Sunday. Let's hope the mayor has more luck with getting the work done on time than we do.

The PONs find having two sets of builders in the village intriguing. Both sets of workmen are closely supervised. The morose lads are tempted into a game of 'Throw the Furry Fox'. The roofers on the Salle des Fetes aren't.

Not that the PONs are bothered. There are all sorts of wonderful things in the hedgerows. The hibernatory habits of squirrels, moles and hedgehogs are all over the place this year due to the unseasonably warm weather

Wednesday is the day the chocolatier makes his weekly batch of seriously serious chocolates. His wife and daughter are there to help. They show me how they make 'hay' scented chocolate. They all talk quickly and at once so Angus becomes rather confused as to whether the hay is distilled into an essence and added to the chocolate or is used to smoke the chocolate.

If that wasn't confusing enough it seems there are various types of hay. Carrier bags are brought out and Mrs Chocolate maker goes into raptures over the different scents and tones. Bob watches all this and thinks it unfair that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. 


WFT Nobby said...

Hay scented chocolate as an accompaniment to goats milk chocolate?

Coppa's girl said...

Thank goodness, things are really back to normal - stolen sandwiches and a game of "Throw the Furry Fox". Add to that all those enticing smells to snuffle and it's PON heaven !

Julie said...

I think its wonderful that ALL builders in France are now well trained in the art of 'throw the furry fox'
Mmmm, maybe I'll just take my chocolate neat....straight out of the purple coloured foil paper

Kari said...

Fascinating about the chocolate. There is something so wonderfil about being able to creative and still make a go of it.
Chocolate being poisonous for dogs is a cruel twist, isn't it.

Swan said...

My horse wants to know if they have any Alfalfa chocolatešŸŽ

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yesterday was chocolate making day in my own kitchen. I, of course, had to do this whilst straddling a large, black dog. Apple is very much like Sophie in the gastronomic area.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Interesting -- You'll have to tell us what the hay does to the taste of the chocolate.