Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An antidote.

Bob knows that something isn't right.

So does Sophie.

Perhaps it's the sight of their beds being loaded into the car but they sense a trip to the K-E-N-N-E-L-S is imminent.

We're off to the funeral of an old friend. After a long, unfair illness her defiant last words were ' I want a Cobra' *. 

It takes a very special sort of person to be remembered for her mirth. This isn't the same as being funny, or good-natured. Nor is it simply the opposite of morose. It's having a sense of wonder. A mind that seeks out the kind and well mannered as an antidote for what ails the world. People have plenty to worry about these days, politics, jobs, terrorism, climate change. Perhaps that's why there is plenty of comedy but less merriment.

The PONs will be picked up on Wednesday. Normal service will resume on Thursday morning.

* An Indian bottled beer.


Coppa's girl said...

So very sorry to hear about the sad loss of a dear friend.
We are sure Bob and Sophie quite understand the reason for their unexpected "holiday", and are already looking forwards to all the treats they will have upon your return.
Safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels and condolences.
It seems that she will be remembered with great affection.

Julie said...

Have a safe trip

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Our thoughts and prayers travel with you, and also with our precious PONS. We will all be here when you arrive home.

rottrover said...

Sending condolences for the loss of your friend and for the fact that there is now a little less mirth in the world.

rottrover said...

And thanks for clarifying what a Cobra is. I thought she was asking for a snake...

Unknown said...

We are sorry for your loss; she must have been a remarkable person.

Sophie is looking unusually thoughtful - or could it be a bit glum - in her pictures.

Kari said...

Our condolences. True mirth is a gift. You were fortunate to have known her. And she you.
Good God, Sophie looks hangdog.

tammy j said...

this is a wonderful epitaph to your friend.
thank heaven for people like her. who manage to rise above it all.
I thought cobra was a car. there is one over here called that.
it's even funnier that it's a beer.
god bless her!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Mirth and merriment. What wonderful qualities.
I know she will be missed.