Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Cloudy today. Bob races ahead to the end of the ridge and then turns to make sure that I'm following on.

The rest of the world may have celebrated St.Patricks Day last week. Not here . The supermarket has put out a mannequin in a bodice, green felt hat and black tights. Special offer beer completes the tableau. What this says about the French view of the Irish doesn't bear thinking about.

The Lindt Easter bunnies are out in force.

Sophie is in fine form.

As is her brother.

In the village the 16th century pottery kiln has been vandalized. Some of the bricks have been broken and the metal grille in front of the oven bent backwards. The gendarmes have been called. The villagers are in shock. In the UK a few broken bricks and a bent grille would signal pre-adolescents at work. The lady with the purple hat ( only recently recovered from her moment with the swaying Jesus ) wonders if it might be terrorists. She has been listening to the horrible morning news updates from Brussels. The mayor reassures her.


  1. Bob's nose looks as though it has had an extra buff with the Cherry Blossom !
    The pottery kiln vandalised - sacré bleu - what is the world coming to? We hope the police catch the scoundrels.

  2. Could the Irish beer been a contributor to the vandalized kiln?

  3. That mannequin is truly hideous, whatever day it's on display! A shame it was not targeted by the vandals instead of the precious kiln.

  4. Oh dear so sorry that the kiln has been vandalized....hope it is repaired soon.
    Now as for the Lindt chocolate bunnies, I'm wondering if you can check the price of shipping to Barbados? I love Lindt chocolate....oh well.

  5. So unfortunate about the vandals - I hope they find who is responsible, as well as who is responsible for the store display - Yikes...

  6. I'm sorry to read of the vandalism. In a time of growing uncertainty, these small acts can seem particularly disheartening. Bob and Sophie help us to focus on what is lovely and good. The first picture is just beautiful.

  7. Are you sure that someone riding a scooter or small vehicle didn't hit or back into the kiln?
    I happen to enjoy those bunnies too. So cute. There is an actual ribbon around their necks. Something very traditional about them not like those day glow yellow, fake marshmallow peeps- which I happen to also love ( hangs head in shame).

  8. I suspect some one was trying to gather up metal to sell to the recycling vendor. Metal yard ornaments go missing here.
    Bonnie n Kenzie

  9. So sorry about the kiln. It seems worse, somehow, in a small place.
    Those chocolate bunnies seem to have only one large ear each. Perhaps they're really unirabbits.