Friday, March 11, 2016

No need to record that.

A van arrives to install two speed bump signs.

We go to buy some cakes from the post natally depressive bakers wife.

The PONs get given some flaky pastry crumbs.

Angus is asked if he'd like to buy a chocolate coated doll. The terrible thing looks like a praline encrusted Barbie. Where would you start ? Tear the head off and grab an arm ? We decline.

Sophie is in need of a grooming.

Post grooming she looks altogether more composed.

'The Font' has suggested Angus write a history of the village . '' You don't want to appear standoffish ". An early evening champagne gathering is arranged. Everyone shows up. Angus asks the villagers what their memories are. The mayor tells a wonderful story . One of the medieval bells was transferred to the new clock tower when the old church was demolished in 1860. During the war the other bells were taken to be melted down but this old one was overlooked and survived. In 1945 on the day the Germans retreated the local youths rang the bell so long and so hard that it cracked. A huge pent up tumbling out of joy. It has never been rung since. 

The Very Old Farmer has been wheeled into the downstairs library by the District Nurse. He perks up when he hears this story and happily informs us '' What a night that was ! I made a number of young ladies very happy ". He then chuckles. Madame Bay rather primly announces that I don't need to write down every story.


  1. We look forwards to hearing more stories od village life, Angus. What a devil the Very Old Farmer must have been !

  2. That should be OF village life, of course !

  3. A new take on those toilet paper dolls?

  4. What a great story about the bell.

    The doll looks evil. It would gross me out having to eat the chocolates on that.

  5. You will of course be making you village history available to more distant fans of your writings?
    I feel the Very Old Farmer has more to tell…
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. That doll does look rather scary...the cakes don't!
    So much happens in your 'quiet' village a book of its stories sound like a best seller to me

  7. I will miss that very old farmer.

  8. Delicious looking pastries and delightful memories from the villagers. Lovely Sophie with almost every hair in place.

  9. About 45 years ago, our town paper interviewed our oldest resident. A collection of his stories were compiled into a phamplet, which was then donated to our library. The title was "As I Remember It" . Being very excited, I put my name on the list to check it out. Before my name came 'up' the phamplet had disappeared. No one had thought to make an extra copy, not even the news paper. Thankfully, our county did a better job. Clayton County is known as The home of Gone With The Wind. Your village could be known as, The Home of Bob and Sophie!!!!!!!

  10. Bless the Very Old Farmer - incredible isn't it when memories give back glorious smiles? :)

  11. Wonderful! I'll bet the VOF is a veritable a treasure-trove of stories once you yet him started! That doll is definitely the product of a PND mind. Poor woman.

  12. Post natal depression is quite real and rather hideous to go through. Clinica chemical imbalance. We salute this young woman for soldiering through. Shame for being so insensitive. One of the joys of being an old cat lady, I presume,;none of that hormone stuff.
    Right now , the song sung Maurice Chevalier in the film Gigi comes to mind. " I remember it well".
    Love the very old farmer.