Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The excuse.

Bob howls to let us know that someone is outside.

It turns out not be just someone but a small army of workmen.

Construction of the new traffic calming zebra crossing has started.

The PONs are intrigued. Sophie stands on her hind legs and peers through the railings. Bob sits on his stump seat to see at first hand what is going on. They spend two hours watching in almost complete silence.

The rest of the day is spent at the receiving end of the PONs ' Don't you want to go out and see what's going on ? ' stare.

This admonitory look is dispensed jointly ...

..... and singly.

Finally, Angus gives in and puts his coat on. We saunter over to the bench on the village green to monitor the road rollers and tipper trucks. A water carrier darts backwards and forwards spraying the newly laid tarmac. Sophie turns on her back and dozes. Bob is on alert, taking it all in - noise, smell, the hissing steam that rises from the freshly smelted tar. 'Walking the dogs' is the perfect excuse to sit and watch this partially organized mayhem .

Exhausted, Bob is asleep by nine. His sister ten minutes before. This has undoubtedly been the best day ever.


  1. But surely, by now Angus, you know that nothing can be done without the PONs there to keep a close eye on things?

  2. Looks can be deceiving.....that doesn't look like an area that needs a speed hump Or zebra crossing....

  3. Sounds like the measures designed for traffic are having an excellent calming effect on dear Sophie.

  4. I'd say if there are workers, then it is indeed, the best day!

  5. I wish our puppy would just sit and wait for someone to walk her. Instead, she behaves like a lunatic. On steroids. Perhaps I should read her this blog? She could certainly use some guidance on "how to". Best day ever indeed!