Saturday, March 19, 2016


Bob sits on his stump seat looking ferocious. Or at least an approximation of ferocious.

Sophie has rolled, luxuriantly, in a liquid cow pat. She has been bathed, reluctantly and thoroughly. 

In the supermarket dried 'Trumpet of Death' mushrooms make an appearance.

The old soldiers brave the chill winds for their Algerian War commemoration. They then head into the village hall for a reviving glass of wine. They're still there at 4:20 when we return from our afternoon walk. We meet the district nurse wheeling the Very Old Farmer back home across the village green. He tickles Bobs ear. Sophie , uncertain of the wheelchair, hides behind my knee.

Just another quiet day with dogs in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. "Parfum de Sophie" - phew - well, a girl's gotta do.....

  2. I well remember, vividly remember, our corgi rolling in "cowsh" just as we were leaving to return home from holiday ... It's debatable whether the small of wet corgi is much of an improvement over cowsh- corgi :-((
    And I bet it takes most of the "perfumes of Arabia" to improve Sophie either??

    1. You're right. Despite a thorough dousing Sophie still sports a slightly farm yardish odour.

  3. A dog's amazing sense of smell really shows when it comes to finding something to roll in.

  4. When my Siberian husky got skunked, and especially the time she rolled in a partially decomposed groundhog (don't even think about it, Sophie!), I found that white vinegar added to the thorough washing helped kill the stink.

  5. The name of the mushrooms is a bit off-putting. Roxy did some 'Aroma Therapy' rolling this morning. She did not enjoy the bath later.

  6. Trumpet of Death? Now doesn't that sound enticing!
    We love hearing about the VOF. Can you love someone you don't know?
    Bob looks exceptionally handsome today.