Saturday, March 26, 2016

Never ever .

Easter Saturday dawns bright and fair. Bob takes up his flock guarding position at the front door.

Sophie appears in the kitchen. It is one of 'those' mornings.

The crisis over the crucifix in the churchyard rumbles on. A man with a tractor arrives. He attaches a rope to the rear of the tractor and the other end of the rope to the cross beam. He tries to pull it upright. There is an almighty revving of the engine and a cloud of blue grey smoke rises skywards. When he eases off on the accelerator the statue sinks back. If anything the 'lean' forwards and to the side has increased.  

The Old Farmer notices that the statue has started to develop rust stains. Only now does the recognition sink in that the thing may be cast in concrete and attached to the wooden beams with iron pins. The mayor takes off his red tartan trilby and scratches his head. The question of fragility had not been considered.

The gentleman who has moved into the apartment above the town hall and acts as village 'odd job' man directs the whole process with happy abandon. He tells the mayor that the village will soon be on the tourist map. The little lady in the purple hat is not amused. She sees the lean as divine retribution for having a Socialist President. 'No good will come of it ' she says, Delphically. Tempers become 'heated'.

Angus and Sophie retreat home. When you're a visitor in another country never ever become involved in politics or religion. 


  1. Just looked in the mirror and know exactly how Sophie feels...
    Oh dear, I hope the village does not come to blows over the statue, though it does sound like subsidence rather than divine intervention.
    Your last statement is so very true, Angus.

  2. Enjoyable pictures this morning, Angus, and good advice, even if you're not a visitor to a country.

  3. I wish I looked as adorable as Sophie does on "those" days.

  4. Great spring picture of Bob at his post by the door. (Puppy Beau would have tipped and eaten the flowers)

  5. As I'm leaving for the UK next week, I shall take those last words to heart.