Thursday, September 15, 2016

Another day.

It pours with rain. The temperature falls from the 90's to the 60's. The PONs wait ( impatiently )  while I go into the house to find a jacket. Bob is clearly from the Hebridean branch of the PON family. He gives me his '' Get a move on. A wee bit of rain never harmed anybody " look. Not everyone has been as lucky with the weather :

The humidity does nothing for Sophie's hair.

It starts off as a disaster and gets progressively worse.

The rain turns to sunshine in the afternoon. Bob and Angus set off in search of a new car. We find a Volkswagen version of the Skoda Roomster. A huge cargo area and a PON friendly backdoor that can be easily jumped into. The sort of vehicle, short of a tank, that is as close as you can get to being PON proof.  After two hours of negotiation we agree on a price. It is one of those cars in a colour that doesn't fly off the forecourt so the price is a good one.

The dealer wonders what options I might want. He suggests a luxury pack. This is rejected in favour of a metal dog guard between the seats, a non slip floor covering for the boot ( heavy duty ) and a plastic moulding to protect the rear bumper from PON claws.

While Bob and Angus look at cars Sophie and 'The Font' head off to see the vet about Sophie's knee which hasn't improved. A full thirty minutes are spent examining her. Sophie loves the attention and her tail wags non-stop. It could be one of three things in order of seriousness. 1) She's torn a ligament and requires a knee operation. 2) It's arthritis 3) It's bone cancer. Of these 2) is unlikely because she's still young. #3) we refuse to think about which leaves #1). Further tests are scheduled at the large pet hospital in Toulouse on Friday. She's in no pain and is suffering from what humans would call 'mild discomfort'. 

In the evening we go to hear this being sung in a local church. How beautiful.

Another of those days with dogs where you think nothing special has happened until you sit down to write about it.


  1. Car dealers have been missing a trick all these years. The 'Luxury PON Package' is surely a winner!
    A torn ligament sounds a distinct possibility - hope the tests on Friday show Sophie has a solvable problem.
    Not everyone in the UK have been experiencing the recent heatwave. 32ºC in East Anglia and 12ºC near Inverness yesterday…
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Hopefully Sophie will just have to rest the leg. Hope the new car has electric windows!

  3. Congratulations on the car!
    Our rain was slow and steady, perfect for softening up the concrete-hard ground. No flooding, which was the big fear if it rained hard.
    How lucky you are to get Vivaldi at the local church! Our church operates only for funerals (often) and weddings (occasional). No concerts.
    One of the most exhilarating things I've done was to participate in a singalong in New York. One paid $10 for use of the music and a contribution for the director and accompanist. We sang Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine--not an easy piece. We went through it bit by bit, then sang all the way through. Just for ourselves, for the joy of singing--no performance. It being NYC, there were many fabulous singers. I get goosebumps just remembering it.

  4. Hopefully Sophie's leg will just get better!!

  5. If Sophie requires ACL surgery, it will fix the issue quite well. The recovery, though, is tough on humans. The full recovery takes about 4 months, but the first two months require Sophie to be almost immobile. My Sofie was three years old when her right leg was done. Two years later, both Ada and Sofie required surgery on their left legs. What are the odds! We all lived through the process. Best Wishes to Sophie!

    1. Thanks. That's really useful but sounds daunting! We'll know tomorrow.

    2. Thanks. That's really useful but sounds daunting! We'll know tomorrow.

  6. Hoping for the best possible outcome for Sophie ❤️

  7. Sophie, My paws are crossed for you!


  8. We're hoping for swift and complete healing for dear Sophie.

  9. Poor Sophie, we hope that the tests show nothing serious, and that she is soon back to normal.
    That looks a very practical car, and with all the recent bad publicity about VW emissions, surely they are practically be giving it away ! Did the luxury options include a chiller for those essential carrots?

  10. Paws crossed all around for Sophie, as well as her humans who will have any nursemaid duties.
    A carrot chiller, brilliant addition for a car.

  11. Did Bob christen the tyres or is he waiting until your new car leaves the car yard? I also love Coppa’s girl’s idea of adding a carrot chiller to your latest dog mobile. A Volkswagen branded cool box would create even more adventures for the four of you when you fill it with carrots, the “Font’s cooking and your choice of appropriate chilled beverages for picnics and adventures around the beautiful French countryside!

  12. Zach had 2 ACL surgeries...he actually recovered easier than I did when I had the same surgery. If it is ACL, get a harness that will help pick her up. Somehow, they know what to do!!!

  13. Waiting to know is sometimes the hardest part of an injury. We are thinking of all you at the ROF!