Friday, September 30, 2016

On prescription.

Out in the garden. A big brother to guard you ....

... the sun on your back ....

... a gentle breeze in your hair.

What better way to recuperate and ....

.... catch up on all the rest you didn't want between one and four am ?

Sophie has effortlessly settled into a party girl routine. Sleep soundly all day, stay awake - letting the whole world know you're hungry - all night.

Angus goes to the pharmacy for absorbent cushions in case the diva continues to be 'routine free'. Unsure of what the French is for absorbent cushions he explains what he needs.  '' Oh you need incontinence sheets " says the lady behind the counter in the crowded pharmacy, loudly. She helpfully adds that I can get them on prescription.

The saga with the new dog car continues. I call the Volkswagen dealers four times. The salesman is busy. ' He'll call you back as soon as he's finished with the customer '. He doesn't. At closing time this e-mail arrives :

 "Je ne vous ai pas oublié, j'allais vous téléphoner demain. IL y a une pièce à changer sur la VW SPORTSVAN qui est manquante à l'usine et il n'est pas terminé en carrosserie . Je vous appelle demain pour plus de précisions Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée ". 

It is now 2 1/2 weeks since it was chosen and a week since the repair shop was supposed to have mended the dent and scratch. Will the salesman call today ? Why must buying a car become so complicated ?


  1. I think it's the nonchalance that drives me around several bends. I sympathise.
    I hope Sophie enjoys some gentle soothing sun and Bob is being such a good boy.
    And I hope you are able to get some rest.

  2. So maybe the humans in the house need to align themselves to the party animal hours.

  3. Poor Bob, he looks somewhat perplexed - no doubt wondering when his little sister will coming out to play again.
    What a saga with the new dog car - not a good advertisement for VW - or is it just the dealer's attitude?

  4. What if you propose a sizable reduction in price on the car and take it immediately with the dent and scratch? Cars get dented and scratched pretty quickly anyway.
    Good luck with La Diva.

  5. And it's the weekend again...perhaps they'll call on Monday.

    Sophie does have a great Rehab set up.

  6. The US Amazon has a plentiful supply of "puppy training pads" on offer. Perhaps either the French or UK versions do too. Here in Texas our supermarket sells them.
    Wonder if you'll have the new dogmobile by the time of Sophie's next surgery.

  7. Order the pads by the carton at a big box store. Great savings in time, money and self respect.
    One of my cats had his sleep/wake cycle reversed post surgery, like Sophie. It took two days of keeping him awake in the day to get him to sleep at night. It was not as easy as it sounds.
    Have you spoken with the VW district office?
    Maybe USA Today calling that Trump character " unfit" may up the wattage in a few bulbs.

  8. Good to see Sophie resting and Bob watching over her. Really hope thing settle down into a easy routine soon for all of you.

  9. Sophie appears to be slumbering soundly . . . resting up for the wee hours? She is darling and Bob is priceless.

    One might hope that pharmacy personnel would be trained to be more discreet. Or for more concerned car dealers.

  10. Why would incontinence sheets need a prescription? Odd.
    As others have noted, they're available in bales from big-box pet stores and Amazon. If puppy pads aren't in French stores, I imagine you could find them in the UK.
    Good luck with VW.

  11. It is midnight now in the southern US. Hope that everyone is having a peaceful sleep at the ROF!