Thursday, September 1, 2016


'The Font' goes to a local village for a coffee and a long walk with the PONs . One of those forgotten places where an old medieval tower slowly crumbles to dust under the sun and the gardens grow wild and the only sound is the hum of happy bees.

In the church the sunbeams filtering through the stained glass have to contend with spiders webs. You rarely see cobwebs on stained glass windows.

Being a French village nothing happens without the village dog seeing it .


  1. It must be hard to reach those cobwebs.

  2. The PONs must be excited to have 'The Font' all to themselves for the morning walk. Such a lovely village to walk in.

  3. With new horizons to conquer, Bob may not be too distraught that one of his flock is missing? Nothing much happens around here without our dogs seeing it, either !