Monday, September 12, 2016


Bob is up and about early. There again Bob is always up and about early.

He joins me on a trip to the bakers to pick up the strawberry tarts for lunch.

He also gets given a sliver of pastry at the organic bread stall at the market.

The melon seller has melons for 1 Euro, 1.5 Euros and 2 Euros. They all look identical. The 2 Euros melons are probably for tourists.

A farewell dinner in a local inn. They've set up a table for us. Despite it having been in the 90's for much of the day they light a fire. Ambience is everything. The meal proves this to be the case. The great thing about young folk is they're enthusiastic and appreciative and never complain.


  1. Good Grief! 90° and a huge fire...I'm having a hot flush just at the thought of it.

  2. The food at the farewell meal may have been disappointing but the baker looks to be on excellent form!

  3. I am feeling fat just looking at all of those cakes. Luckily you have big long walks with the pons.

    Julie Q

  4. Maybe the price indicates the level of enthusiasm of the Spanish melon pickers toss into the truck...

  5. That restaurant seems to have a high ambience quotient even without a fire.
    I had a strawberry tart like that on my first trip to France and dreamt about it for the next 10 years until I was able to come back.

  6. The dining room at the inn is gorgeous.

  7. I would be up and about as early as you pleased if it included a trip to the baker for strawberry tarts.

  8. We shall be on the lookout for a similar baker's when we come up to France in a couple of weeks' time !
    These days we're always wary about places with fantastic ambience - we've found it can sometimes mask indifferent cuisine.