Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Checked out.

The Old Farmer and the Belgian lady set off in the venerable Ford Transit motor home at four am. There is much slamming of doors and laughter. The noise wakes the PONs who bid them farewell. The guardian angel that looks after octogenarian French travellers has a busy time ahead.

Bob and Sophie are out at seven. The sun is only now rising and there's the barest hint of warmth in the air. Today the little stream is half filled with clear water. Overnight there must have been a storm in the high mountains. Both PONs drink lustily. Bob tries to catch trout by waving a paw in the air and then bringing it down ineptly , with a splosh, in the water. He could do this all day. Generations of PONs have demonstrated their lack of aptitude at fishing. Intuitive proof that the spirit is eternal ... and hopeful.

Sophie is torn between wanting to play with her brother and getting her feet wet. She opts to explore the muddy bank.

There are fresh boar prints in the sand. The PONs get clipped onto their harnesses .

Home through the recently cut wheat fields.

We stop to stare at the donkeys. Then scurry along the lane for breakfast. Sophie seems to have developed a limp in a back leg these last few days. Doesn't stop her racing around but we'll have it checked out by the vet later today.


  1. Best of luck to the intrepid travellers!
    Always fun to read about Bobs fishing exploits. Bertie is indifferent to the salmon we frequently see leaping out of the Dee.

  2. After so many postponements, I thought the Big Trip was all talk, no travel. Do tell if they're still laughing on their return. I hope so!
    Lucky you--water! We see pairs of Canadairs pass overhead at least once every afternoon on their way to a fire. It's been very windy, which makes the heat bearable, but fires spread faster.

  3. I believe that my 80+ year old in laws gave me each of my grey hairs! They always thought they were 30, not 86. Fell off bikes, got stuck on a roof when the ladder fell... what was so important to get on the roof was a mystery! So, wishing the travelers light traffic and good health :)
    Also wishes for our Sophie, that her limp is just a tiny twist that'll work itself out in a day or two. Best wishes at the vet, dear Diva. Loving Bob's fishing. Lola tries to retrieve frogs in the same manner and it is hilarious. Pam in NH

  4. Bon Voyage to the intrepid pair - what adventures lie ahead ! The Old Farmer's vehicle must know the way by now, or does he have SatNav?
    Poor Bob, we hope he'll never have to rely on his fishing skills to survive. Good luck to Sophie on her visit to the vet.

  5. What a different picture the fields present from just short weeks ago. The changing of seasons. Wishing all the best to the travelers; their enthusiasm didn't seem to be dampened by the numerous delays. And hoping that Sophie's limp is a very minor issue.

  6. Hopefully Sophie's limp is related to a small burr or something easily cared for. She's in our thoughts.
    A whole host of guardian angels have their work cut out for them.