Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Small recompense.

A night of great excitement. The thunder starts at eight and soon the sky in all directions is streaked with lightning.  The temperature falls 20 degrees. The wind howls. Bob and Sophie are in seventh heaven. They can bark at the sky without anyone telling them to be quiet. When the lightning gets close they are called indoors. The storms rage all round but up here on the ridge all we get is rain.

Bob, who has greeted the visiting Americans with studied caution, has had a change of mind. He won't settle. He wanders from empty bedroom to empty bedroom in search of a companion to play non-stop touch rugby. I explain that midnight games of Throw the Furry Fox will need to wait for our next visitors. He gets a slice of carrot , which is some small recompense.

This morning we head off for a walk by the river. More thunder is forecast. Down here it's warm and humid but not oppressively so. The street lights shrouded in spiders webs.

We stop off at the little cafe by the abbey. The tourists ( a surprising number considering it's mid-September) seem unperturbed by last nights storms.

Last week the little Skoda had its windscreen replaced for the sixth (!) time. This morning a motorbike overtakes and throws up a stone which creates a large chip right in my line of vision. Is someone telling me it's time to change the car ?


  1. The first picture of Bob is rather heart breaking! He took all those Americans in to his flock, and now they are gone. I was afraid this would happen! Although, I thought it would be Sophie missing all the attention that would be lavished on the Diva. Bless little Bob!

  2. Let's hope there are some furry fox games coming up soon.

  3. Mmm...a sliver of carrot as an alternative to endless games of throw the Furry Fox? Small recompense indeed - no wonder Bob looks so bereft !

  4. Already sun and blue skies? We still have long-desired rain, falling gently but steadily. Just what we need to soften the parched, hard ground.

  5. If I remember correctly, the Skoda windscreen was an issue the day you brought it home from the dealership.

  6. What fun for Bob and Sophie, barking to their heart's delight. Add stormy weather to their list of what makes the best day ever.
    How often we ignore the obvious. Lose the Skoda.

  7. What wonderfully expressive faces Bob and Sophie have. Surely sausages are called for to raise Bob's spirits. The drop in temperature must feel very refreshing.

  8. Time to resurface the local roads I'd say.
    Poor Bob. A slice of carrot will most certainly not suffice. Bring back the Americans!
    Cheers, Gail.