Thursday, September 22, 2016

Runs its course.

A new dog routine in the morning. Beds picked up, blankets put in the washer, floors mopped, the patient transferred outside for fresh air. Big brother monitors it all closely. Today, after a late night with the princess, we sleep in until ten to seven. At this point Bob arrives to let us know that we're running  behind schedule. Nothing like a large cold wet nose pressed against your ear to get you out of bed quickly.

Sophie sits in a pen on the grass outside the front door. She prefers to sit. She also barks at each tractor or car that passes along the lane. So much for the new pain killers making her more relaxed.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. The patient isn't suffering from constipation. She just can't get herself comfortable. Boy dogs plumbing is, in this respect, easier. Nature, thankfully, finally runs its course.

When it all gets too much Bob takes refuge in the comfort of the back of the dog car.

He gets taken to the electrical store. We see these ...

... which on closer examination have gained ( or lost ) something in the translation.

At the supermarket a tee shirt. Angus thinks how interesting it is that the somewhat classical word ' minion ' should make it onto a tee shirt retailing for $3.00. When we get home 'The Font' informs him that the word minion has been made famous by Kevin the Minion , an animated science fiction character.

The man from the Volkswagen garage phones . '' Bonjour M'Ongoose. There's a problem with your  Loonj ". Try as Angus might to understand the man his comment makes absolutely no sense. I ask him to repeat what he's said. He repeats himself, then faced with bemused silence at the other end of the line repeats himself twice more.  Turns out he's saying the particular model of car we've bought is a 'Lounge'. The mechanics have prepared it for delivery and parked it out in the forecourt. This is where the garage gardener with his chain saw finds it. Instead of having it moved the gardener works around it. A branch falls on the 'Loonj'. '' Don't worry M'Ongoose. Not much damage. Just a scratch and a small dent. No more than ten centimetres ".

Angus will pick up the damaged 'Loonj' on Friday. It will then go back to the garage the week after for a post delivery paint and panel job.

 '' The Font" can't help but think that becoming proud owners of  a Volkswagen Sportsvan 'Loonj' with a dent and a scratch marks this as a dog car from the outset.


  1. Good to hear that Bob is trying to keep things in order, amid all the disruptions to household routine caused by dear Sophie's injuries.
    I'm assuming that a further discount has been negotiated for the dented 'Loonj'?

  2. What a relief - both for Sophie, and the rest of us ! So glad things are back to normal for her, though she does look lonely all on her own - not the right treatment for a diva at all ! We too, would demand an extra discount on our brand new not-so-pristine "Loonj". Their gardener isn't Loic, is it?

  3. It's going to be even more challenging when the weather changes and rainy days arrive. Good luck!

  4. So sorry about Sophie but many thanks for the laugh about the loonj.

  5. Hi Angus I saw the walkie talkies and thought that you can probably invest in a baby monitor to keep abreast of Sophie's movements when you're elsewhere.

  6. It's always so frustrating when one can't explain to a bewildered dog what has happened to them. Hope the harness arrives from the UK in short order. Be sure to give the windscreen on the loonj a good check before you drive it home.

  7. So frustrating - both issues!! We hope Sophie gets some relief soon.

    Piper, Celti, Bonnie and Ivy

  8. I generally find that, given time, a “disabled” pet adjusts much better to a new routine than I do. Coping with yet-to-be-revealed adjustments requires great patience and imagination. It can be a transforming experience. And a sense of humor doesn't hurt either. (Somehow I think you know all of these things.)

  9. Glad that everything "is working its way through" for Sophie, and the harness will help with that issue afterwards. I think even with the car mishap, you're in good shape for the next chapter that will begin all too soon. Rest up!!

  10. Ive been away and only just now have been able to catch up on the diva's condition. How distressing for you and the Font, and for the lady herself, who indeed values a bit of privacy. I know that together you will all be able to deal with the next few months, with patience and love --- and of course humor. And we, your loyal virtual friends, will be there to offer comfort and support. A bit of wirey zen can't hurt either!!!

  11. Sounds like you called by Inspector!

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