Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A smaller star.

In half an hour we'll be heading off to have Sophies stitches removed. How quickly time moves. 

The Metacam has made Bob calmer, steadier on his feet and seems to have given him the use of both eyes again. The drooling has eased and he's holding his body straight. 

On our walk down the hill he stands and glares at the goldfinches congregating in the mistletoe . The fact he's looking up and holding his head high another positive portent.

At The Rickety Old Farmhouse a Christmas ' partridge in a pear tree ' decoration goes up. The first of the season. Every year we vow we'll have a minimal Christmas and then rush at the last moment to put up a Christmas tree. 

To the florist to buy hyacinth bulbs. The florist, usually a taciturn individual, wants to engage in a deep conversation about Brexit. '' The problem with the English is they're islanders. All islanders are odd. The Corsicans are odd, the people who live on the Ile de Re are odd and the English are odd ". He pauses and then adds '' the Americans are odd too". Angus had never really considered America to be an island but there again Angus doesn't have the world view of a resident of deepest, deepest France profonde. We buy the bulbs, make suitable grunting noises in response to his diatribe and leave. Bob, ever hopeful that he'll find something to eat is disappointed .

We have fifteen hyacinth vases. 'The Font' finds six. The others are hiding together with the last five years worth of Christmas lights.

The Old Farmer has failed to weld together his Christmas Star. The metal has rotted clean through. He's put up a star ever since his first daughter was born. A routine that became all the more important since he lost her and his wife in a traffic accident. He's seen a replacement in an electrical store window in Toulouse. It's only a fifth of the size of the old one but '' it will do until I find something better ". He sets off in the Mercedes for his journey into the big city. Bob stands on his stump seat and watches him go.


Coppa's girl said...

What a relief to hear that Bob is very much improved. We suspect that the vet in Toulouse is already steeling himself for the moment when he takes those stitches out and Sophie gives vent to her feelings !
Now we realise why that star shines so brightly on the Old Farmer's house.

WFT Nobby said...

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Old Farmer's star.
So pleased to hear that Bob symptoms have eased.

Taste of France said...

Two dogs on the mend. Improvement!
The Old Farmer's story breaks my heart. I hope he finds a star up to the task.

Anonymous said...

A relief to hear that Bobs discomfort has been eased.
I hope that Sophies stitch removal was straight-forward and that you are all safely on your way home now.

Kari said...

Two dogs on the mend and a a Christmas star of a more reasonable wattage. Sounds like events are vectoring toward a happy Christmas.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

I am doing snow angels ( without the snow ), on the floor, over Bob and Sophie's good health reports! I am saving my 'happy dance' for the report on Bob after his vet visit on Thursday. Please know that we too have Christmas decor hiding with your vases and lights!

Unknown said...

The Christmas touches are quite elegant as befits their setting. Knowing that the star is a tie to the birth of the Old Farmer’s daughter gives it deeper meaning. And now we rejoice that you are home with Sophie and Bob is feeling better.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well, I would think it couldn't be something scary if the Metacam took care of the symptoms. Right? What a difficult time for you all. Needless to say, my best wishes are continually being sent your way.
Also, as America so often behaves like an island, the florist can certainly be forgiven.

Julie said...

Good luck Sophie, hopefully you're back from the Vet now and minus the collar

Emm said...

So glad the new meds are helping Bob. Poor, sweet boy, life is so fraught of late.
The florist is right, American is an island (mentally). And alas, too many have not read Dr. Donne's description of same.
I'll bet the hyacinth vases are lurking somewhere with all the missing socks and gloves.

Jake of Florida said...

Looking forward to good Diva news in your post tomorrow!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We think the incoming flights must miss the star.

Louise said...

The partridge in a pear tree decoration is beautiful.

Well, I'm English, living on the isle of America and I am the first to agree that I may indeed be a little odd.

Keep holding your head high Bob.

Louise said...

The partridge in a pear tree decoration is beautiful.

Well, I'm English, living on the isle of America and I am the first to agree that I may indeed be a little odd.

Keep holding your head high Bob.