Monday, December 19, 2016

Sophie the bionic Ponette.

Bob is up early. He's not allowed in the bedroom but this doesn't stop him from pushing the door open and prodding my ear with his nose until I wake.  This is his " It's a lovely morning. Let's go out and watch the sun rise '' routine. The fact it's pitch dark outside is immaterial.

The bar facing the ice rink is doing a brisk pre-breakfast trade. At this time in the morning there are two classes of customer. Old farmers in a variety of headgear drinking their first ( or second ) glass of Pelforth and a younger, hat less, coterie of coffee drinkers. A luxuriantly mascaraed waitress brings Angus a cup of coffee and Bob a bowl of water. Bob has his hair tousled and is called a Cutie. He beams. Alas, there is no illicit half croissant for the family fellow.

With each passing day Sophie becomes more feisty. Tomorrow morning 'The Font' will load her in the back of the car and take her down for the x-ray on her leg and hopefully the all clear. Another month of gradually increasing activity and she should be approaching full recovery. Sophie the bionic Ponette.

We're at that stage where eyes in the back of your head are a necessity. If she can escape from her pen and climb stairs, chase blackbirds or attempt to tap dance, she will.

Much discussion in the village of The Very Old Farmers sons offer to sell the vegetable patch and a sliver of the orchard to the village as a car park. What are his plans for the farmhouse and the fields and the rest of the orchard?


  1. One can see Sophie is raring to go!

  2. If Bob is raring to go each morning, we can't help thinking that there isn't much wrong with him ! No doubt his owners wished they had the same joie de vivre at 6 a.m. ! I know we do !
    The beret wearing Frenchmen raised a smile. That's how we imagine them, they just need a string of onions around their necks, and a bicycle parked outside, to complete the image !

  3. If Sophie tap dances, we hope there will be a video record made of it.
    Bob looks much happier than in some of his recent pictures. His world seems to be righting itself.
    I hope the VOF's son doesn't so something horrid with the house and land -- perhaps we should take up a collection, buy it and establish a home for wayward PONs.

    1. And a home for wayward people from the US!

    2. I'll drink to that! Although Angus and The Font might consider us a blight on the neighborhood, given some of our associations.

  4. Ahhhh Sophie, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  5. Usually the mairie has the first rights to buy any property for sale. So it might be less the VOF's idea than the mairie's.

  6. Sophie's fur looks like it is coming in nicely. An all clear will be a wonderful Christmas present .
    After the VOF's son's previous dealings with the house and his fathers funeral, I suspect €£$ will rule.

  7. Energy abounds!

    I hope the car park et al is vetoed down.

  8. Bob and Sophie both look to be in fine form and eager to get on with life.
    The gentleman in the red beret looks the very picture of a Frenchman to me.

  9. I keep hearing singing in my head. "They paved paradise,turned it into a parking lot ...". Let's hope this will not happen! May history please not repeat itself.