Saturday, December 24, 2016

A truly happy PON

Down to the covered market to pick up the turkey. We're there by eight and manage to get a parking spot on the fourth floor. Bob finds there are many 'intriguing' scents on the stair wells. He is 'encouraged' to move along with the words '' we don't have all day ". Dogs of course do have all day for the things that are important.

Surrounded by the smells of the market stalls Bob thinks he's in seventh heaven. Our bird is bagged and waiting for us so all we have to do is pay.

A Buche de Noel from the bakers ....

.... and some Capalleti to have with brodo to start the Christmas Eve dinner. We forego the chance of buying snails.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the creche is brought out.

Bob watches it being set up with great interest. He gently picks up one of the three Kings in his mouth but is apprehended as he makes off with it. Readers with good sight might just be able to make out the imprint of his slightly squiffy teeth marks on the top of the red wise mans hat. For male PONs life has its recompenses. A Texan college boy has left two pieces of shortbread on a plate while filling out his law school applications.  The shortbread disappears. Bob has the look of a truly happy PON - Christmas has come early.

Our post-modern creche lacks  Joseph but has instead a lady in a blue dress. Every year for the last thirty years we have marvelled at this rewriting of the Christmas story. Mary's mother ? Or is there a Slovak fable involving a blue, wandering lady ?

And here is a touch of Christmas Eve France profonde by Rameau :


  1. It's not in the gospels, because they were written by men, but.... if a young single mother had the choice of an older, inexperienced bloke, or a midwife in her blue uniform.... who do you think she's choose to have with her. Joseph had either fainted, or been sent off to the nearest supermarket for diapers.... don'tcha think??

    Happy Christmas to you both, and the PONs of course.

    1. Virginia - You have provided us with the answer. Although it's quite possible Joseph was off playing rugby and was never allowed to forget it.

  2. An enjoyable Christmas to you all and to the PONS, enjoy your day and if you are really good Santa may have left you something delicious perhaps even some croissants. Love to all.

    1. An illicit half croissant is on the cards.

  3. Surely Joseph was more likely to be down at the pub, wetting the baby's head?
    A Happy Christmas to you all at the ROF. Perhaps Santa will leave some sausages especially for Bob and Sophie...

  4. Hmm shortbread Bob. Well it is christmas. Merlin's felt the same when he polished off a guests snowball last night. He must have been hatching his plan for a while, because we only left the room for a matter of seconds.
    Thank you for the link; lovely.
    We wish you all a very happy christmas indeed.

  5. Hi Bob old pal, just want you to know that I think that the red wise man is greatly improved for bearing your tooth marks. Oh, but isn't that "we haven't got all day" just the most tiresome of human expressions?
    Hope you get some turkey.
    Toodle pip!

  6. If you think about it, Joseph and Mary had been on a long and difficult trip together - We all know that can challenge the relationship of the most blessed of couples!

    It's just before breakfast here, and fresh cappelletti with brodo sounds heavenly even at 6 AM.

    (¸.•´(¸. ¸.•Merry Christmas to all at the ROF!

  7. Merry Christmas to you all. May next year be one of good health and much happiness.

  8. I will bypass the turkeys and head straight for the Buche de Noel. The creche has made its appearance so all must be right with the world. One near score for Bob with the king abduction and two big scores on the shortbread! Merry Christmas Eve to all in the ROF!

  9. Yay, the crèche! It wouldn't be Christmas without seeing your crèche. And now we have several stories to explain the woman in the blue dress. Our Bob has even given it his chomp of approval! We did a Village scene on the coffee table this year. I used strands of pearl garland for the snow. We had a visit from friends. Bailey Bob got so excited, his tail got wrapped in the garland and pearls swung around the room, as we all set chase.

  10. Replies
    1. My Mexican crèche also has a woman. She is holding a tiny baby wrapped in a blanket - perhaps a shepherdess who brought her child to see the babe. Merry Christmas to ye all and long my ye chimney reek!