Sunday, December 18, 2016


With Sophie's leg improving brother and sister are once again allowed to gently savage each other.

Sophie takes this in her stride.

Bob is overjoyed as in O-V-E-R-J-O-Y-E-D. 

For the PONs an afternoon spent lazing in the sunshine. An absent minded cat wanders into the garden and is chased up a tree by Bob. The family fellow sits looking upwards for all of twenty minutes. Problem is he's staring up the wrong tree. The feline intruder is elsewhere. I don't have the heart to tell him.

French school holidays started on Friday. The horrid eight year old tike and his equally horrid ten year old big brother do wheelies on their bikes along the lane. They holler while doing so. When they get bored with wheelies they move on to sword fighting using fallen branches as swords. There is nothing like the click-clack-click-clack of two pre-teens re-enacting scenes from 'King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table' to get dogs annoyed.  Sophie is keen to leap up at the gate to see what's going on. To curb her enthusiasm she is confined to a cage. Having come this far there's no point in taking risks with her leg. Bob stands on his stump seat and barks  - droolingly .

This morning we shall drive down to the garden centre for a Christmas tree. Angus has to learn how to put the back seat down in the big car so we can load it up. It goes without saying that all the good trees will have gone and we will be left with  something 'characterful'. Later today the tree will be decorated. '' Have you found the lights ? " asks 'The Font' unhelpfully. 

As always the back page of The Economist carries an obituary. This was interesting , then I read the last paragraph.


  1. Apart from Bob's drooling, it seems things are pretty well back to normal - in a gentle sort of way !
    Nothing like a bit of gentle savaging to make Bob happy. We hope this will put him on the road to complete recovery.

  2. This is good news. Glad they are back to playing together.
    The kids might be awful, but I wish more kids would play like that--outside, with imagination, getting sweaty and dirty and making noise. Most are in their bedrooms with their noses against a screen.

  3. I love the idea of the dear PONs "gently savaging' each other.

    1. I loved that as well!! It's like all is well with the world again.

  4. I'm so happy for your family. May things continue to improve for you all. Seeing Bob and Sophie look so happy makes my day.

  5. If Bob is OVERJOYED, then we are too; after all, Bob knows best!!...Dianne (DBH)

  6. So nice to see a photo of Bob and Sophie together! 47 orphans??

  7. Those characterful trees are called "Charley Brown" trees here is the Pacific North West. Glad to see the siblings back together.

  8. Sister savaging, cat chasing and guarding his home from sword-wielding ruffians surely add up to a best day ever for Bob.
    Bon chance, as always, in finding the tree lights.

  9. Great post, reading the obit I thought od Madame Bay and her turban!

  10. Bob's smile make me all warm and happy.
    As I'm sure it does you.

  11. How nice to see a picture of Sophie and Bob together again. Maybe the world isn't in quite such dire straights as it seems.

  12. What an incredible woman!

    We hope less stress, now that Bob can play with his sister will help the drooling.

  13. Love seeing Bob and Sophie together. I will be very interesting to see Bob's physical response to the lifting of
    his emotional burden.
    Guttersnipes? Quite a value-laden word.

  14. It is delightful to see Bob and Sophie side by side again, and back to their old games, just gently!

  15. Bless those two! Just look at Bob's happy face!!!! Drool or no drool, that is on happy boy.

    So glad the gentle savaging has begun!