Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The thickest pile.

Another sign Christmas is coming. The supermarket puts up its display of local wildlife devouring other local wildlife. A triumph of the taxidermists art.

Can a solitary tree be beautiful ? Or, does it have to have the right spot in the landscape ? We pass this old mistletoe covered oak every day as we head down the hill to the roman road. Some days Bob christens it. Some days he doesn't. Today he doesn't, he's on the track of some late to bed deer.

A group of forty motor bikes pass through the village. A third of the bikers are wearing Santa hats over their helmets. Bizarre things happen in deepest France profonde. Bob watches them from his stump seat.

The Christmas tree is up. Carrefour and Casino only had tiny ones left. More table decorations that trees. Intermarche had a selection of larger ones. We buy the biggest - getting on for seven feet. When unwrapped it proves to be all left side and no right side. 'The Font', determined to be positive. says '' It's got character ". The tree is supposed to be one of those that doesn't shed it's needles. Presumably it was mislabeled. The inside of the car now covered in them. They go with the dog hairs and dried drool.

As I go to bed and turn out the lights Bob can be found sound asleep on a rug in the upstairs hallway. He's chosen the rug with the thickest pile.

This morning his sister will be heading of in the fog to have the final X-ray on her leg.


  1. The photo of the mistletoe laden oak is quite stunning. Dog hairs, drool and now pine needles - your car has the lived in look !
    Good luck to Sophie, we hope all goes well. Take care in the fog.

  2. From a distance, the Christmas tree looks pretty good. And Bob looks very comfy there on thick pile rug.

  3. The mistletoe tree is beautiful indeed.
    I canvassed all the stores here to finally get a tree stand that would hold water, but I didn't succeed. At a garden center, the clerk told me to spritz the tree in the mornings, when the lights were out. I hinted that spritzing would ruin the starched lace snowflakes my grandma made by hand. The clerk shrugged and said it wasn't important that Christmas trees dry out, that a parched Nordmann variety will keep its needles, mostly, as long as it isn't moved or shaken. Yours probably was cut nearly a month ago, which likely explains why it lost needles on the ride.

  4. We will all be thinking of you tomorrow, and praying for the All Clear ... then we will look forward to the celebrations!

  5. Very best of luck to Sophie.
    Both trees are lovely.

  6. Good luck to Sophie! You'll be running free soon!

  7. Sending love to the ROF from New Hampshire. Your Christmas tree is lovely! Though we are all busy with holiday prep, I want you to know that we are checking in with the PONs each and every day. I am wishing and praying for good health for all of you in the New Year. May your holidays be calm and joyful. XXX

  8. The wildlife display in the market is certainly startling enough to turn heads.
    The mistletoe oak is grand and Bob is the best Christmas tree guardian.

  9. Bob knows soft when he sees it. Hope he is not dreaming about a heard of bikers with Santa hats over their helmets! Or the wild life display in the store. Just know Sophie is going to get a glowing report in time for Christmas!

  10. Not sure of the connection of taxidermists' art with Christmas....

  11. Beautiful photos today! Shame about the fox and bird though....