Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Stop and commune.

Bob has his blood test. Or, to be more precise, blood tests. Samples have to be taken an hour apart. To keep him occupied between times 'The Font' walks him round the lake not once but twice. He is keen to chat to the fishermen but is 'hurried' along. Two types of eye drops are prescribed.

Our vet  proffers the practical view that a rescheduling of the MRI scan is important. Some suspicions are worth checking out. '' It may not tell us what the problem is but it'll almost certainly  show what it isn't ". There is a French logic to this.

Back at home Bob dozes in the sunshine then heads off with his master for a walk down the hill to the stream. He stops and communes with a group of young cows having a bath in a mud hollow.

The little 13th century pilgrimage church at the end of the Roman road has been decorated for Christmas. A single strand of white lights draped round the door. This is ecclesiastical 'less is more' decoration taken to extremes.

While Bob waits outside I pop in quickly to check the new nativity scene. Still devoid of the baby ...

,,, and notice a truly terrifying, androgynous, plaster angel. A four year old seeing this would have recurrent nightmares.

At the bakers we buy a tarte tatin. The real reason for going was for the family fellow to get the choux pastry crumbs he was deprived of yesterday. These are received with enthusiasm - there's nothing wrong with his tail.

I find it difficult ( scroll down in the story ) to believe that Bum, the three legged St.Bernard cross, is a mascot of San Diego :


  1. That angel looks like a character from one of my kids' video games! As to Bum, it did sound strange, but it's apparently all true, although the dog on the license (actually a tax receipt) looks more like an English Springer Spaniel to me: http://dezertmagazine.com/bum-a-dog-who-chose-san-diego-as-his-home/

    Continued best wishes to Bob (and Sophie, of course).

  2. We're pleased to know that Bob is still in fine form, in spite of the indignities of his visit to the vet and the blood tests. Hopefully the eye drops will help. Sophie looks as though she wants to escape her cage and have a few rounds of savaging her brother !
    Passing quickly over the terrifying angel (to put the fear of God in the worshippers?), that Tarte Tatin looks heavenly !

  3. If I went to the bakery as often as you, I'd have to also go shopping for clothes in a bigger size. In fact, I think I put on 500g just looking at the photo of that tarte tatin. It must be all the dog walking that allows you to do it.
    This one is for The Font: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/07/magazine/the-world-sees-me-as-the-one-who-will-find-another-earth.html?action=click&contentCollection=magazine&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=7&pgtype=sectionfront&_r=0

    1. Thanks for the link. 'The Font' would be happy getting through the next semester.

    2. "the line between lunacy and scientific fact is constantly shifting": That seems like a situation applicable to all of us. It promises to be a very interesting article.

  4. As long as the tail is working , things still look good. I agree 100% with the need for an MRI. The physicians statement is not as simplistic as it sounds. The MRI will help direct the vet's attentions to the remaining possibilities thus saving time in making a diagnosis and wear and tear on Bob.All of Bob's admirers love him want him to be fully well as soon as possible, no more than you, we're sure.
    Beautiful church. Many feel the baby should not be placed in the nativity scene until Christmas. Whether that means after sunset on the 24th or after 12:01AM on the 25th is another discussion,

  5. So happy that Bob received his choux crumbs even if it meant you had to purchase a tarte tatin (smile). I agree with Taste of France; I too may be putting on weight just looking at the bakery pictures.

    The vet’s logic in narrowing down the possible causes of Bob’s ailment makes sense to me.

  6. I can assure you those a good bit older than four would have nightmares following an encounter with that angel.

  7. The statue makes me think of Mercury, angel of a different religion, perhaps on steroids.

  8. Most doctors and vets are good at telling you what it isn't! (After expensive tests, that is.)