Friday, December 30, 2016


Bright but decidedly chilly. I light a fire before Bob heads off with me along the lane.

The Old Farmer and the Belgian lady return from their Christmas tour.  All went well apart from a problem with water seeping into the ancient Fords alternator on their second day on the road. ‘' We spent a night in Perigeux and the engine started up as right as rain the next morning’’  says the Belgian lady with a healthy disregard for logic.

All morning the sound of cutting and hammering fills the air. The man with anger management issues is at home for the New Year. He’s putting up a new chicken coop. His errant , grub hunting, hens cluck contentedly away on the village green as he does so. The chances of the free spirited hens being confined to the new coop seem remote.

The village odd job man does some ‘work’ on the light in the church porch. We’ve given the mayor a three armed brass lantern to replace the hideous frosted glass demi-lune bathroom light that was there. Mid-afternoon there is the sound of swearing. All the power in the village goes off with the miraculous exception of The Rickety Old Farmhouse. The power comes on again at five.

'The Font' returns after a six hour layover in Barcelona. Sophie is overjoyed. Bob exudes the contentment of a herder who has found a lost sheep. There is little else in life that comes close to matching this level of 'contentment'.

There can be no doubting Bobs tongue has recovered from its recent paralysis.

Sophie sleeps a lot. The cold must be decidedly uncomfortable on her shaved extremities. I put her out in a sunny spot in the garden on a plastic sheet covered by a thick mattress , a towel and a blanket. She has soon turned the blanket into a nest from which only a very wet nose and the end of a shaggy muzzle sticks out.


  1. great news. The font home safely and bobs tongue recovering. Hopefully this is just the start of the road to recovery for Monsieur Bob. I would think that a celebratory sausage would be in order.

  2. Glad The Font is home safely, Barcelona or no, and that Bob seems to be recovering.
    Your description of the electrical work has me laughing out loud. Too bad Peter Sellers isn't still here to play several roles when "they" make a movie about life in the village of the ROF. Casting opportunities abound.

  3. Good to know that excellent culinary standards have resumed, now that 'The Font' is home. That, alone, is enough to return Bob's tongue to normal. Poor Sophie, she could do with a pair of the Texas College boys warm woolly socks to keep her shaved legs warm.
    Laughter here, too, at the thought of the electricity going off everywhere, except the ROF - how did the village odd job man engineer that, we wonder !

    1. I do believe you are on to something Coppa's girl. What about cutting the foot out of a long sock, and make leg warmers from them! Sophie's feet would be exposed, so she could walk, but her joints would be kept warm. We used leg warmers in ballet class, and it works!

    2. Leg warmers, brilliant idea!
      Will we soon see Sophie doing barre exercises?

  4. So delighted to see Bob's tongue at full stretch.

  5. The photos and stories you share are a delight and are a good end to our day.

  6. There was clapping of hands and a rousing cheer at my old farmhouse at the news of Bob's apparent improvement. I wonder if you have any idea how much pleasure your posts bring to your followers. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. The effort it takes to prepare a beautiful post every day is much appreciated. With best wishes from snowy upstate New York (way, way upstate!).

  7. I totally agree! If Mr. Bob is improving, then all is well with the World. (The tongue picture brought a smile this morning.)
    Happiness is having his flock all back and accounted for, plus The Font is back to cook wonderful tasty delights!
    Prayers that the Diva's leg heals and soon is strong enough to dance on.

  8. Hurrah for Bob's tongue! Could this all be resolving on its own? Sophie looks especially adorable today.