Monday, March 6, 2017

An adoring lick.

The 14-16 year old musicians from the local secondary school hold a concert in the village hall. 'The Font' informs me that we'll appear 'standoffish' if we don't go. It starts at nine and finishes at ten thirty. What the overly large percussion section lack in musicality they make up for in 'enthusiasm'. The parents enjoy themselves. At the end Angus is told to give 50 Euros as a gesture of appreciation to the music teacher. When asked what he thought of the performances Angus replies, with total truthfulness, that they were one of a kind. Rather surprisingly on hearing this the music teacher throws his arms around Angus in an overly long bear hug. The French are rather more prone to public displays of happiness than Anglo-Saxons.

Monday morning. Bob and Angus head off to the fish market. This for Bob is one of life's greatest pleasures. Sophie stays behind. She is rather more interested in the breakfast croissants.

At the fishmonger we buy some smoked salmon ( Bob gets given some roasted salmon  ) ...

... and look at the largest lobsters we've ever seen. Langoustine seem a more sensible option.

A detour to the bakers who is apparently on a colour high ..

.... then to the cheese lady. The cheese lady knows Bob well. In return for some tiny portions of  Tome de Sost Bob bestows an adoring lick on her cheek.

So starts a new week in deepest,deepest France profonde.

The Old Farmer is due back this afternoon. Some cheese, smoked salmon, a cake, a loaf and pint of milk are given to the Belgian lady to put in his kitchen. Loic, the heavily bifocaled gardener is despatched to blow all the leaves from our neighbours terrace and front door.


  1. Great news that the Old Farmer is coming home, and how thrilled he will be to be greeted with such a delicious spread after all that hospital food. Will he be able to enjoy a glass of wine with his cheese and smoked salmon?

  2. So pleased to hear that the Old Farmer will be back at home. He'll recover so much more quickly after that mouth watering spread ! Let's hope the Belgian lady can keep him under control until he's steady on his feet again. What good neighbours you are to send Loic to blow the leaves away, but trust the PON's didn't go to help him !
    Who could possibly resist Bob's kisses?

  3. Great news for OF and what wonderful neighbours are the family at ROFH. Perhaps you may like to move to Australia. I know that our 16 year old cat would love to share salmon with Monsieur Bob. By the way she does like dogs she can sit and watch the neighbours' dogs all day.

  4. What a thoughtful array of groceries--all ready to consume without cooking, too.

  5. What a warm welcome home awaiting the Old Farmer. May his healing proceed even more quickly now.
    A busy day at the markets with luxury treats for your companion Bob. What could be better?

  6. Welcome home to the Old Farmer. We send him our best!

  7. What a lovely gesture to welcome Mr. Old Farmer home!

  8. That's quite a spread for the Old Farmer. Here, you might get a casserole! Fifty Euros is a generous way of showing appreciation....

    1. Anyone who tries to teach music to teenagers is worth subsidising with the price of two cinema tickets.

    2. I meant to say that I found the music teacher's bear hug very touching (and no pun intended). How much our encouragement of others means we may seldom know.

  9. Excellent welcome home foods for the OF. Hope the Belgian lady has hidden his supply of home made tipple.