Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gratuitous nudity.

So much for the unseasonably warm weather. We wake to solid rain and sixty mile an hour winds. The PONs are kept in the garden until there's a lull in the storm. The arrival of Aude, the bipolar decaratrice, signals it's time to head out.

Sophie is taken on a forty five minute cross country walk. No sign of pain or discomfort. What a relief after last weeks scare. Today she is in an 'up and at 'em' mood.  The family princess maintains a rapid pace until she decides that she's had enough of the damp weather. Her return journey is interrupted by leisurely exploration of the deer and badger runs and the scuff marks where the wild boar have been digging up the grass verges.

A happily tired Sophie is loaded into the back of the car for a trip to the supermarket. There are two small supermarkets in the little market town. The smaller of the two has a new manager who seems determined to take it up market. Angus is surprised to see that they're stocking bottles of rose at an eye watering E29.30 a bottle.

On a neighbouring shelf a bottle of ' La Belle Sandrine ' . This, the label informs us, is an Armagnac and Passion Fruit mix. There is a solitary bottle left. This unusual fusion of tastes is clearly popular with the locals. 'La Belle Sandrine' is in its way a classic of the marketeers art - competitively priced, bright in colour, potent in content and enlivened by a gratuitous use of nudity. Perfectly pitched for the aging farmers of deepest, deepest France profonde.

Bob returns from his power walk round the lake with 'The Font' looking as if he's been blow dried. 

No sign of the builders, electricians or joiners.


  1. I predict heavy traffic (at least in terms of hits) on today's post, given the title...
    What a wonderful walk that must have been, with Sophie back on form.

  2. Rain and high winds - just the weather for PONs ! From your last comments, can we assume that the updating of the ROF bathrooms has been abandoned in favour of something more lucrative elsewhere?
    Have you made a decision about kennels?

    1. Yes, we've decided as both sets of owners are equally unknown, and as both check out well, we'll go with the kennels that they've been to before and know.

    2. I think you and The Font have made a wise choice for Bob and Sophie!

  3. I thought Zeus was heading toward Italy already. Yesterday and Monday were wild here. Love that shot of Bob's 'do.
    Good luck with the artisans.

  4. Well! After that headline, followed by a photo of windblown Sophie -- I declare, I just didn't know what was coming next.
    So glad she's doing well. A huge relief all around.

  5. The PONs are looking very tousled. It's such a pleasure to see them looking so well.
    Catchy title for today's post, Angus.

  6. Reading the title, I was picturing the PONs luxuriating in collarless, harnessless, leashless abandon!!! Much more alluring than the Belle Sandrine!