Sunday, March 5, 2017

False alarm.

Sophie is taken on a lengthy walk - a kind of road test . Yesterdays 'diva moment' seems to have been forgotten. We'll assume it was a trapped nerve.

No doubting that while the first leg to be operated on is pretty much back to normal, the second leg is not as strong.

There again everything is relative. Sophie can propel herself up steep hills and over rough ground , she can engage in a high speed savaging of her brother and she can make it from the front door to her dinner bowl faster than an Olympic gold medallist. She's just happy to be independent again.

Our relief that all is well as is a great as Bobs.

Wind and rain. The man with the anger management issues closes his recently opened pool. 


  1. Relieved to hear that all is well with Sophie. Her second leg hasn't had the time to strengthen, as the first one has, but it doesn't seem to be holding her back. My goodness, you have to be fit to have PONs !

    1. The good thing is that the PON fitness regime has plenty of room in it for chocolate treats for their master.

  2. Very relieved. I was playing Frisbee with Cherry on the slopey backyard of our weekend house this afternoon and thinking of Sophie. The doctors warned us when she broke her pelvis as a pup that it could lead to arthritis and other issues later as she became older, so I always worry about finding the right balance between exercise that will keep the muscles strong and the bones in proper place and overdoing. Sophie looks very confident and comfortable in the photos.

  3. Add me to the column of "Phew".
    Sophie looks quite happy drinking from a leaf-strewn mud puddle, so much better than a silly bowl of clean water.

  4. So relieved, for both Sophie and dear Bob. Coppa's girl made an excellent observation about Sophie's legs. The most involved leg IS the one with the least recovery time. Keeping fingers crossed.

  5. Sophie says, "the more lengthily walks the better, please..."

  6. Sophie looks beautiful beside what appears to be a freshly tilled field. Much relief here that she seems okay.

  7. So happy the leg seems to have righted itself.

  8. So pleased it wasn't what you and all of Sophie's adoring fan club feared at first!!!