Friday, March 10, 2017

'' I just did ".

The Old Farmer sits in the sun on his balcony. Farmers stop their tractors and wander up to find out how he's getting on. Some passing pilgrims engage him in conversation. He also has two visits from the home help, two from the district nurse, three from the Belgian lady and one from the doctor. Bob watches all this activity from his stump seat by the gate. Sophie chases blackbirds.

The electricians arrive at ten. They wander round the house for an hour or so then head off or lunch. They return at three and go at five. The 35 hour week ( including travel time ) is alive and well in deepest France profonde. They promise faithfully to return. When pushed as to when this might be they remain suitably upbeat but vague. Bob and Sophie have taken a great interest in their activity.

'The Font' heads off to deal with the family 'matter' in Spain. At Malaga airport there's no one at the rental car desk but three young ladies, laughing and deep in conversation, can be seen in the office. Arm signals and a hearty '' Hello!' are ignored. ' The Font' finally walks round behind the desk and into the office. ' You can't come in here ' says an irate car rental person. '' I just did " replies 'The Font' with a Swedish literalism that perplexes  and annoys southern Europeans in equal measure. The young rental car ladies get their revenge by handing over the keys to a white Opel Astra with a dodgy gear box and unusual odour.

And here's a picture of the United Kingdoms ambassador to the Vatican meeting the Pope :


  1. Oh dear, 'The Font' has my deepest sympathy - dealing with any such family matters in Spain is a nightmare. Possibly much worse than in France.
    How sad that the electricians didn't stay long enough to share their lunch with Sophie and Bob. Hopefully you will be suitably vague about paying the bill, when the time comes !

  2. I think The Font and I would get along quite well.

  3. Hurray to "The Font." I will adopt that line.

  4. Way to go, Font!
    What wonderful follow up care France has. I'm envious.

  5. How heartening to read about all those women who have been appointed to ambassadorships in the UK. The chances of that happening here under the Trump administration are about nil.

    1. Since 85 half our diplomatic intake have been women. Despite the Brexit gloom something the country can be proud about. One day Paris and Washington ( the two plum posts ) will have women ambassadors

  6. So grateful the Old Farmer is home, with the sun shining down on him, just as it should be!

  7. What Sheila said. It looks increasingly dim for the US to fill all its ambassador posts, much less have qualified women therein. I'd like to see all top posts held by women, and for them to operate à la The Font.
    Glad the OF is home and doing well. What am impressive list of care visits he's receiving; it speaks well of the French system.

  8. Thank you for the marvelous introduction to the British women diplomats.
    As well as yesterday’s photo of the Kew gardeners.
    And cheers for both The Font and the Old Farmer!
    Sophie’s expression in the middle photo is priceless.

  9. Hope the Font left the car on the side of a major highway and cabbed back to the airport!

  10. I'd like to suggest that 'the font' carry a picture of the rental car from last year that was parked in a freezing area at high tide -- Even though it was an accident, the rental company doesn't need to know that, and it may encourage better service! :-)