Wednesday, May 3, 2017

And the clue is.......

A half hearted attempt at a rainbow greets us as we drive down to the strawberry farm.

While I buy six punnets of berries Bob sits in the back of the car and gets fussed over by the farmers wife. '' Oh you poor baby ". His sister explores the polythene tunnels. The Portugese farm workers know her and she them. They are allowed to talk to her. Strawberries are red. Sophie doesn't do red food. Must be a dog thing.

Into the market town for croissants. Bob is lifted down and given a two minute stroll. He christens the fountain outside the prefecture. He hobbles.

Yesterday Bob spent a full half hour on the vets table. He is one lucky boy. No bones broken but severe bruising to the right side of his shoulder, leg and jaw. One of his toes almost crushed. It is very sore but will get better. Half of the incisor on the right lower side of his mouth has gone but the vet says it's not causing him any discomfort. We could reconstruct it but the family fellow would have to go through a number of procedures under anesthetic. This issue will be revisited in a month or so. Appointments at the physiotherapist scheduled for next week. The family fellow is given an injection to calm the pain and ease the muscle inflammation. He's prescribed ten days on Metacalm. When he's lifted down from the examination table he sprints for the door in order to make good his escape.

In the afternoon Bob gets two or three short gentle walks on grass . He can climb the stairs without help but has poor braking action when coming down.

It's taken a day but Bob has recognized that he can milk this for what it's worth. He's become adept at the '' a little ice cream might ease the agony " look. In this regard male dogs and four year old humans are remarkably alike.

His sister has very clear ideas about who in the family should be the centre of attention .... and the clue is it's not her brother.

This would be a cool place to stay to see the Northern Lights :


  1. Gosh! You were lucky, weren't you! Another couple of inches and it wouldn't have been only a toe almost crushed, but a foot or worse! Don't think I know of a dog who goes for strawberries - I've heard of a dog who liked grapes, and nearly died as they're allergic to them, but not strawberries. Sophie might do pate, or caviar, - isn't the expensive caviar a reddy colour!

  2. You are 100% reliable for delivering a chuckle to accompany the morning coffee.
    Let's hope Sophie doesn't decide to upstage Bob with a new ailment.

  3. Poor bruised Bob, but what a relief that the injuries are not worse.
    Dr Bertie is of the opinion that a tub of home made buttermilk ice cream would be the best medicine.

  4. Dr Bertie is of course absolutely correct. That ice-cream laced with a little bit of medicinal alcohol would make Bob feel so much better. The question is how large a tub did Bertie have in mind. Bob is one very lucky lad I think. Some of those lineaments that sports people use for injuries would be good if he could have them. Big Hugs to Bob and of course to the Diva

  5. My heart is in my throat thinking about how much worse this could have been. He's such a lovely chap and a trooper. That's it now Bob (and Sophie Pon), no more adventures, we can't take it. I sincerely hope he's able to put it all behind him with some assistance from the healing properties of ice-cream.
    Great link; this might be just the idea for Stuart's big 6 0.
    Distance healing kisses for the fellows nose.

  6. Oh, poor Bob, but we're so glad that his injuries aren't any worse. Time, physio., and the healing properties of home-made buttermilk ice cream seem an excellent solution for our boy. We're hoping he'll soon be back to being savaged by his sister, but for the moment Sophie - go very gently ! Lots of healing hugs from us here.

  7. Poor Bob, glad to hear there are no broken bones. Get well soon Bob

  8. Your blog is brilliant, it amazes me how much I care about 2 dogs I've never met. Love the snippets of everyday life. Here's hoping for some respite for you both from all the drama.

  9. Poor Bob. I'm so glad it wasn't worse.

  10. Sending healing thoughts to Bob.

  11. I hope that the young driver is being dealt with, she's dangerous. If the parents know as well as the police, she will have to drive carefully or lose the privilege before someone loses a life.
    Happy to see Bob was not murdered (yikes!) but instead, was treated to a visit to the berry farm. He will enjoy the TLC, but things will be rocky on Planet Diva for a wee bit :-)
    Love to all at the ROF, Pam in NH

  12. Rooting for you over here Bob! Get better fast! And more ice cream please! :)

    So glad that nothing more serious. Did you happen to get the licence plate of the driver? Wonder if this could be counted as an accident and perhaps paying of the vet bills?

  13. Yes, very glad it wasn't worse, but at the same time I'm still mad at that girl. Poor Bob. I hope the meds help the pain lessen and that the ice cream makes up for not being "murdered!" More best days ever to come!

  14. Only the mildest adventures from now on, please. So grateful that Bob was spared even worse.
    Plenty of ice cream all around would be appropriate. I'll have some, too.

  15. I think everyone needs some of the buttermilk ice cream. I imagine that Angus and The Font are due their share, especially.
    So glad the damage is mostly bruises and easy healing. The rainbow seemed an auspicious note to Bob's recuperaton.

  16. Poor Bob. Give the boy some ice cream....

  17. My dear Bob...hope you feel better sorry to hear about your accident.
    Wish I could give that young rude girl a piece of my mind....but karma will knock on her door one day.
    Thank goodness your vet has given you a good prognosis...I was so worried after reading of your ordeal.
    I will appeal to Mum and Dad for a spoonful of ice cream on your do deserve it.
    Angus and Madame Font please oblige my poor Bob.
    Lots of love and healing wishes from Brownie.

  18. finally am able to comment here without writing a whole book about that self centered heartless girl.
    our beloved little bob! a patient and sweet soul that loves life and his sister and his human parents.
    and how we all LOVE HIM! your ability to take so much in your stride inspires me angus.
    you're always calm and amazing. I get so angry. which solves nothing really. XO♥

  19. I have been frantic on the inside, until today, after learning of the Vet's report. The worst was knowing our Bob was injured and in pain, because of something that should have never happened! On top of all this for thirty minutes, while on the Vet's table, he thought at any second he was going to be murdered! I can not begin to express how much I regret all of you have had to endure this event. While being extremely grateful Bob will recover, I am still upset at what he needs to do to recover. May the rainbow be the sign that will speed up the recovery process, and of course ice cream. Also a new soft toy couldn't hurt!